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Outdoor Father's Day Projects May Need a "Rain Test"

On Friday we saw strong storms swept over the Chippewa Valley. Some of these storms damaged the trees and provided a spectacular light show in the early evening!

Hourly Father's Day Forecast

On Saturday we attended a small break due to the rain, with the exception of one or two showers. The temperatures were slightly below average and this trend will continue throughout the weekend. There will be more and more chances of showers and a possible roar of thunder on Saturday night.

For your Father's Day projects, you may want to pack an umbrella, especially if you plan anything early. The showers are expected between 7 am and noon, with rainfall decreasing later in the evening.

While things are drying up in the evening, grills on the outside can still suffer a "rain report", as a temporary shower can not be ruled out. Traces of precipitation are possible. The high sundays should sit between the middle and the high of the 60s, as opposed to the typical 70 to 70s of this time of the year. We will certainly not approach the record of 96 set in 1995.

Sunday evening, the cloud cover will be released, which will cause a little fog that could degrade on the Monday morning trips. On Monday we will return to the mid 70s and these temperatures will remain there for most of the work week. There is also a small chance for a shower or two in the afternoon. Another chance of rain starts late Tuesday night and ends at the end of the week.

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