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Overkill's Walking Dead Deleted for PC; PS4 and Xbox One versions in question

The news continues to worsen for The Overkill 's The Walking Dead. After the Walking Dead rights holder, Skybound, announced that he would terminate his contract with Starbreeze for the cooperative shooter because of the poor quality of the game, Starbreeze has now confirmed that it's not the same. PC edition would be removed from the sale while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are now in question.

In a press release, Starbreeze said it was in communication with Skybound to try to find a "solution". In the meantime, Starbreeze said that sales of the PC edition of The Overkill "The Walking Dead" will likely be turned off "and that if no agreement was respected, the game would not would never come back on Steam. In addition, the PS4 and Xbox One versions "will not be released" if no new agreement between Skybound and Starbreeze can be reached. It seems that the game has already been removed from Steam.

Starbreeze added that Overkill 's The Walking Dead had generated sales of 34.1 million Swedish crowns, for a total amount of about 3.7 million US dollars. However, "The costs associated with the development of The Overkill's The Walking Dead have so far exceeded revenue," admitted Starbreeze.

505 Games has been announced as the publisher of The Walking Dead on Overkill for PS4 and Xbox One. Digital Bros, which owns 505 games, said in a statement to GI.biz that he was "very sorry for the relationship between Skybound and Starbreeze". The statement does not directly confirm that the console editions have been canceled, however.

Skybound announced that it would terminate its contract with Starbreeze because The Overkill's "The Walking Dead" did not meet our standards or the quality that had been promised to us. "

"We are extremely sorry for our fans and share their disappointment with the game. We remain committed to providing our fans with the highest quality content possible, and we will continue to look for other video game options for intellectual property." . "

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