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Overkill's Walking Dead Withdrawn From Sales For Rights Issues

The terrible months of Starbreeze and Overkill Software only worsen, as Overkill 's The Walking Dead film was pulled off the sale on Steam as a result of a quarrel between license holders. Skybound – The rights holders of Walking Dead and the company's creator of the series, Robert Kirkman – have announced that they are ending their contract with publisher Starbreeze. Since then, Starbreeze has issued his own statement in which he stated that he hoped to "solve the problem to find an amicable solution", in the hope of putting the game up for sale and providing the latest episodic updates planned.

I would like to say that this has been a roller coaster history for Starbreeze in recent months, but that would imply that there were strengths. In addition to filing a complaint for administration and being the subject of an investigation for insider trading, they also pulled out of their contract to publish System Shock 3 and seek to obtain credit. 39, money for the time they spent on the project. Overkill's The Walking Dead had a long and difficult development period and the end result was disappointingly disappointing. The nicest thing Nic Rueben said in his review was "Sometimes everything goes well." Hoping that this will be possible once again.

A trailer for the most recently published episode. Here are the other six.

It's tragic to think that all of this began to collapse just days after Overkill finally released the latest major update to Payday 2, putting an end to the "secret" story. Complicated by their co-operative shooter. The launch of their Walking Dead game was supposed to be the beginning of a new saga, a new game that the studio would develop, modernize and revise if necessary to support it in the years to come. Instead, unless Starbreeze and Skybound can fix things, Overkill may have to do something drastic: he hides what might be a mouthful and looks a bit green around the gills.

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