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Baptiste, the new hero of Overwatch, is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox, but the game community remains very divided on how to pronounce his name.

According to his story, Baptiste is Haitian, where the official language is French, a debate began to decide to pronounce the "p" in his name.

The community is clearly divided into two camps, those who abandon the p and those who include it by pronouncing the name. In order to bring people together, Benz Antoine, Baptiste's doubler, tried to share his thoughts on pronunciation.

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Baptiste is the new hero of Overwatch support.

Antoine has already said that Baptiste's role has changed his life, and he was clearly excited by the fact that the hero made his debut on Tuesday, March 19th.

As he sits down to test the hero he has expressed in Overwatch, Antoine takes a few seconds to talk to the fans.

"I think it is time that I answer a question that many of you ask: to P, or not to P?" Said the actor. "That is the question."

"For me, the answer is simple," said Antoine while looking into the camera, before being unexpectedly cut off.

The video could have been interrupted by pro-p or anti-p separatist extremist groups, but it was more than likely that it was a big troll of Overwatch fans.

The voice actors in Overwatch have become full stars with fans of the game, and with the release of Baptiste, it does not seem that it will change.

Baptiste is now available on all platforms, with a massive new patch that updates more than half of Overwatch's heroes.

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