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The last hero of Overwatch seems to be a new supporting character named Baptiste.

An official video about the hero's story was released at 17 hours. pst Monday, February 25; and that this is not a strong indication that he is a supportive character, it does not reveal much of his abilities.

There is also no official release date for the new hero, but we expect him to arrive in the next few days.

There is a good chance that Baptiste will be a supportive character, as the original story pictures show him with health kits.

He also added: "You helped your friends and you hurt those who got in your way." Which could indicate that there is support with the ability to inflict damage.

At the end of the official video published by Overwatch on YouTube, we can see the model in the game of Baptiste and part of his weapon.

In one of the illustrations from the original story, Baptiste appears with what looks like a grenade-throwing weapon on his shoulder.

Blizzard Entertainment

If you look closely at Baptiste's weapon, there seems to be two triggers, which could mean that the hero has an alternate fire of some sort, included in his kit.

The abilities, equipment and ultimate equipment of Baptiste are still unknown, but players should know it soon.

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