Overwatch shows the formal side of Soldier: 76 with the new Storm Rising skin

Overwatch drew the curtains on another Storm Rising skin on April 13 – this time for the game's heroic vigilante, Soldier: 76.

Blizzard is slowly moving towards his next episode of the Archives series that will have his fans play under the names of Tracer, Genji, Winston or Mercy in a four-player PVE mode.

This revelation is the sixth new skin announced up to now for the Storm Rising event, joining the rest of the latest models of Wrecking Ball, McCree, Moira, Junkrat and Baptise.


Blizzard is backing up with a clean look for Soldier: 76.

Formal: 76

For the Archives event, Blizzard will give players a glimpse into the appearance of Jack Morrison before he becomes the super soldier that he is now. The skin features a younger version of the Soldier with blond hair neatly tucked under a motionless hat.

The new skin highlights a different side of the accomplished soldier, by decorating him with the many pins and medals he has won throughout his career. The most featured is a massive International Justice Commission medal that Soldier wears around his neck.

He was also seen wearing a royal uniform, most likely the casual attire of a typical Overwatch officer. The new look of Soldier is certainly one of the most sumptuous designs for a hero to date.

Storm Rising lets more skin filter

Overwatch fans should be thrilled with the new revelation about soldier skin, as previous leaks suggested more heroes were getting a new design for the archive.

From these leaks, it would seem that Bastion and Ashe could still be able to get updated designs in time for Storm Rising.

Blizzard still has a few days to go until the next iteration of Archives, which leaves them plenty of time to remove several skins, such as when preparing for the event.


The players have already seen a younger soldier, but not exactly like that.

Overwatch players will be able to dive into everything the Storm Rising has at its launch from April 16 to May 6.

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