With OnePlus, it's easy to get caught up in the open beta program because that's where new features come first. But despite all this excitement and hype, it seems that the stable branch is often left to rot, which some people do not hesitate to report. However, as of today, the OnePlus 6 and 6T will receive a new OTA update for OxygenOS 9.0.13, along with a very modest and very small logbook.

  • System
    • Update the Android security patch to 2019.3
    • General bug fixes and system enhancements
  • Community
    • Introduction of a feedback tool to report bugs and submit feature requests

Yes, that's it. According to the downloads page, the latest version of OxygenOS for OP6 was the 9.0.4 of February 18 and the 9.0.12 of February 21 for the 6T. Certainly, the latest open beta has not been as exciting in terms of new features and it is very likely that the "general bug fixes and system enhancements" mentioned for this update reflect the progress made from the beta program .

Seeing the security patch from March to mid-April is a bit strange, but you can let OnePlus know your opinion on all of this – and what you would like to see in future versions of OxygenOS – with the new tool of feedback. In any project of this type, the comments of the community are important. If you have an idea or have problems, you should inform OnePlus.

As usual, this OTA will be rolled out over the next few days. The downloads for manual installation were not available at the time of writing, but we will update them if they appear. Otherwise, simply search for the system upgrade notification.