Packers have less than $ 5 million in salary cap space after identifying errors, relative to


The Green Bay Packers like to start the regular season with a handful of salary cap space to retain some flexibility for the season. Approximately $ 8 million is generally in place to cover all unexpected transactions, players visiting an injured reserve or for occasional seasonal contract extension.

However, it could be a little more difficult this season than expected. Sites monitoring the NFL's salary cap space estimated that the Packers had about $ 35 million in advance before signing their four free agents and releasing linebacker Nick Perry. As a result of these transactions and the signing of wide receiver Geronimo Allison and tight end Marcedes Lewis, the Packers had estimated at around 13.5 million US dollars the maximum space. With about $ 4.7 million to sign for this year's draft class (remember that the Top 51 rule applies during the off season), the Packers seemed to live up to their usual constraints.

However, there are apparently some miscalculations somewhere. According to Tom Silverstein of, some previous caps were not calculated and were added to the team's heading number for 2019:

If it was an unexpected circumstance for the team, there would be a serious explanation for Russ Ball's manipulation of the cap. Alternatively, if the NFL identified it now and passed it on to the team well beyond the free accreditation period, it would be an unfortunate, perhaps unfair result.

However, it is also possible that the Packers were aware of the situation and that they know how close they were to the cap without giving in to the media, which had miscalculated the numbers. This may explain why the Packers have chosen to reinvest as much money in the contracts of the four new players over the next few years, as well as why the team apparently did not pursue the half-turn Bashaud Breeland more seriously.

Until we know more or we see the Packers release a player to earn a little more free space, Packers fans should assume that their team is over on behalf of the packers. ;agency.

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