Patagonia focuses on B-Group information


Last year, Patagonia changed its mission statement to "We are saving the planet." We have now proven that they are serious.

Patagonia co-branded vests have become a staple for Wall Street financial and tech companies in recent years, but in a Monday social media article by Binna Kim, president of an agency named Vested, Patagonia's co-branded business clothing supplier rejected a customer's order because they had decided to no longer support companies' damaging to the company. environment".

On Tuesday, the outdoor equipment company issued a statement in which she explained the new direction in which she was heading. She indicated that Patagonia hoped to form partnerships with more "mission-oriented companies that prioritize the planet" and hoped to add more B Corp companies – companies meeting a certain standard of respect for the environment, social responsibility and transparency – of course, Patagonia itself is a B-size company. But if Patagonia takes a new direction, working only with respectful companies around the world, she reassured them existing corporate customers that they would stay in the corporate sales program and could still order more branded items.

This new Patagonia change goes beyond activities that are "harmful to the environment" such as the oil and mining industries. The leaked e-mail also indicates that the company will refuse to work with certain religious groups, organizations affiliated with political groups and various financial institutions.

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