Path Of Exile: Summary announced, here's everything you need to know

Way of exile was on a roll. The exit of Treason The expansion has allowed many supporters to be acclaimed. This has also resulted in an influx of newcomers into Wraeclast, reaching even more than 120,000 players. If you liked what Treason had to offer and your interactions with the Immortal Syndicate, so do not be afraid, because they will be part of the basic content. However, in the future, Grinding Gear Games will have something more. Enter Way of exile: synthesis, the latest expansion of the growing action RPG.

You can watch the trailer for Way of exile: synthesis below. If you want to read other questions from our overview / interview, you can also go there.

Memory, all alone in the moonlight

Way of exile: synthesis introduces you to a brand new NPC, Cavas. The mysterious and ghostly apparition has forgotten his past, except for a few essential details: his name is in Latin "hollow", his memory is a shell that must be undone. Cavas charges you to unlock his past through the Nexus of Memory.

This interconnected web works like the atlas of worlds in that each zone is a separate dungeon that you will have to explore. Unlocking more of Cavas's memories allows you to learn more about his story and his relationship with Wraeclast.

Path Of Exile Synthesis Cavas
Cavas ghosts need your help to know who they are and where all the good fishing spots are.

Since you access the memory of someone else, it breaks down and breaks down slowly. While you kill monsters and cross the dungeon, a "wall of death blue" envelops you slowly. You will have to fight to stabilize these areas. Some areas may have three or four of these stabilizers, and more of these also means a greater difficulty.

Nexus memory dungeons disappear over time if you continue to run the same areas, even if you can fix them. Likewise, they all have their own modifiers and you can even create new lanes to unlock remote sections. You can even "boost" a memory node to double the effect of the mods. Of course, additional modifiers mean extra difficulty, tougher bosses … and more loot!

Path of Exile Synthesis Nexus Memory
The Memory Nexus.

High risk, high reward

According to Chris Wilson, president of Grinding Gear Games, the gameplay of Memory Nexus would emphasize its high risk and very profitable nature. "If you're a very experienced player who can handle the toughest mods, it's better to chain a lot of these areas to get more value for your time," said Wilson.

For newcomers or those looking for occasional shopping, the Memory Nexus will also be a significant but manageable challenge. You can go for shorter runs until you feel ready.

Nexus Path Synthesis Memory Card From Exile
You can try to reconstruct a route to a memory node and other rewards.

Another factor is the reward of each memory node. If the reward is close enough, you can go quickly. Some rewards / memory node locations, however, will require longer paths that you must traverse.

Since memory dungeons require a lot of movement to break through the decaying wall, I've also had to question Wilson about loot drops. It's possible to spot something shiny on the ground, which distracts you long enough to lead you to loss, right? Wilson assured me that there was nothing to worry about:

In decaying memories, enemies do not drop objects when you kill them. In this way, you will not be distracted from the escape of this blue wall of death. Instead, once you have reached a point of stability, this is the moment when all objects fall.

It would seem that the stabilization points would also be a good place to use the city portal if you have to store or modify your objects. In any case, take a look at one of Cavas's memories:

Fractured items

Finishing Cavas's memories will reward you with "Fractured Objects". These are pieces of weapons or armor that have locked mods in place. You will need to collect fractured objects of the same type, combining them to create something new.

This is where theSynthesisThis occurs when these fractured elements can yield results based on the implicit changes to the elements you choose. Chris mentioned that he would remain "a certain degree of randomness", but more importantly, "determinism" knowing that you will have more control over the implicit changes you can get. The new system allows you to get the desired implicit mods before you even start using Chaos Orbs to modify the explanations.

Grinding Gear Games knows that Way of exile the players appreciate the craftsmanship (and the joys and frustrations that each bearing can bring). If you ever find a fractured item with great mods already in place, then this is a special time. This is because all you will have to do is relaunch the bad ones to come up with something extraordinary.

Path Of Exile Synthesis Fractured Objects
Three fractured elements can be synthesized to create something completely new, with different implicit mods, even before you start rebroadcasting explicit ones.

New chaos and sacred spells

Speaking of the orbs of chaos, or rather chaos in general, Way of exile: synthesis will introduce a number of new spells based on chaos. One of these, which you can see in the video below, is the "Trend" spell. The spell causes chaos chronological damage to nearby targets. You can combine gems of support as you like, which allows him to shoot multiple shots, which is great for groups of creatures, or slow him down further so that he spends more time on a single target. Soul Rend is a kind of "one stop shop" for those who want to try the archetype of Chaos Spellcaster. As Wilson noted:

We would have heard of players seeing a Chaos build on YouTube or Twitch, but it takes time to master. Usually, you have to cast a spell here, a spell and another for a group – acting as a kind of combo. Soulrend would be a good introduction to the Chaos Spellcaster archetype before moving on to more complicated combos.

In addition to Soulrend, we also had a short video (see below) presenting the "Divine I". This is a brand new, sacred attack for the archetypal spell spell spell. Holy spells associate physical damage to elemental spells such as fire or lightning, as well as angry blows. The divine Ire is charging faster depending on the number of enemies before triggering an explosion of the sky. It means first aligning your attack, then pulling it to maximize the damage. It is also possible to load it through the crowd of rubbish around you, then blow up a boss on the face with your own "Holy Hadouken".

Soulrend and Divine Ire are just two of the six new skills coming out for Way of exile: synthesis. There will also be a handful of supporting jewels to complement your playing style.

New archetypes and revamps

The Chaos Spellcaster and Holy Spellcaster are new archetypes added in Way of exile: synthesis. These archetypes of spellcasters focus on the "hand scattering" of their magical attacks. These additions go hand in hand with a redesign of certain skills to make hand broadcasting more viable for players. Chris Wilson stated the following:

Diversity is in the construction of the character is the cornerstone of the path of exile. We have about 40 skills and spells in the game, but the players use very little. The graphics would tell them which ones are better and which ones are not. We are rebalancing the spells throughout the game to make each spell viable and interesting.

Wilson also mentioned that, most often, players would give priority to constructions using totems, traps or mines, or even damage effects on the damage done. While developers appreciate that players go deeper with certain mechanics, they also want to encourage the game style to cast spells manually.

It is also helpful that the skills redesign happens in Way of exile: synthesis with Nexus memory activity. Imagine having to go from one end of the map to the other, with hundreds of enemies on your way – you may want to just drop totems or fading and go for it. However, with the rebalancing of skills, it would also be more tempting to use capabilities that require manual delivery. Watch the video below to show some spells thrown by hand during dungeon races:

New unique objects

Way of exile: synthesis will add 16 new unique objects. One of them is the Shroud of Eternity (visible below). The unique chest armor triggers the effect "Eternity Preview" when it is touched. A time bubble appears around the player, slowing enemies by 40%. This can change the dynamics of the game since you would like to catch yourself in a bubble to deter them.

Our design philosophy with new unique in motion. We want them to have an impact on the way you play.

Path Of Exile: The future mega expansion

Way of exile: synthesis Released March 8 for PC players. Console users only need a few days – Xbox One (March 11), PlayStation 4 (mid-March). New spells, archetypes, skill changes, object synthesis and new adventures of the memory Nexus will certainly entertain the exiles of Wraeclast.

To go from the front, grinding games have a lot to offer for the rest of the year. Naturally, they still follow their three-month publishing window for new extensions:

  • June 2019 – Extension 3.7.0
  • September 2019 – Extension 3.8.0
  • December 2019 – Extension 3.9.0

The big month, however, is November. It was during the first ExileCon in New Zealand. Wilson pointed out that this is when the team will announce Way of exile "Mega expansion". I looked for a little more detail to find out if it was a paid extension, or maybe a subscription model. Wilson assured me that it will always be free to play. Not only that, he added:

The mega expansion will be our answer to Diablo 4. Whether [Diablo 4] is done or [whenever Blizzard plans on releasing it]we will still be doing this mega expansion and it will be great. Think of it as a uniform improvement in the quality of Path of Exile in 2019 ".

Oh, it's like Donkey Kong from Wraeclast!

This should do for all the information you will need for Way of exile: synthesis. However, I was able to ask more detailed questions about its mechanisms, its effects on community and trade, Diablo: ImmortalImmortal Syndicate connection, and even Tencent. You can view these additional notes here.

If you want to have fun before Synthesis is even live, maybe take a trip to Wraeclast to learn mechanics, you can check Way of exile official website as well.

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