RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. – The FBI announced that a 59-year-old US veteran had shot and wounded a doctor just prior to an assessment of his mental health condition at a US Department of Veterans Hospital in Riviera Beach, in Florida.

The FBI told the media Wednesday night that Michigan's Larry Ray Bon had arrived at the West Palm Beach Medical Center that morning and had been fighting for hours. Good is a double amputee who uses a wheelchair. They say that he was about to undergo the assessment the same evening when he pulled out the gun and shot the doctor at the nape of his neck.

Special Agent Justin Fleck said the doctor had mastered Bon, who was also accused of shooting other patients and staff. Another employee was hit by a bullet. Mary Kay Rutan, spokeswoman for VA, said the doctor had been treated and released. The authorities did not immediately disclose his identity.

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