Patrick Beverley locked Paul George, then he found the receipts to prove it


Patrick Beverley's Twitter biography reads three simple words: Mr. 94 feet. Know what it means? That's going to give anyone that he keeps an absolute hell on the entire length of a basketball court.

On Friday night, Beverley was tasked with defending Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and MVP contender Paul George, who enlightened her during her career. Not under Beverley's gaze. Not at all.

Beverley defended George for 44 possessions. On these possessions, he held George to seven points on only 3 out of 10 shots on the field and one out of every 5 shots on three. It was a tough night for George, who finished only 5 times out of 16 of the field.

Beverley also forced George's four turnovers, while allowing only one help. Talk about defensive efficiency.

Here is the thing

George blamed the eventual loss of the Thunder to the Clippers on a bad refereeing. "I'm sorry, it's just bad arbitration," he said, "We do not have an honest whistle, we did not have a fair whistle all year round. One must look into it.It's getting out of control. "

"It's just crazy," he continued. "I do not understand. It's a piece of s — being on this floor. We give everything we have. We play hard. We get caught, scratch, scratch, hold. There is nothing for that. The officials have only to withdraw – nothing penalizes them for not having refereed the match the right way. "

Beverley, however, would have appreciated much more if George had just admitted that he had been locked up. So he went on Twitter and found the receipt – then he aired Paul George.

George tried to joke:

But Patty Bev has not played any games:

In this case, the numbers do not lie and the video justifies the affirmation. Patrick Beverley actually locked Paul George on Friday night. And with the Clippers winning the top-seeded Thunder, Beverley won the battle.

There is no beef or malice here. Just a trashy friendly conversation between two fiery competitors. The most fun part? It is possible that George and Beverley meet in the first round of the playoffs.

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