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Patrick Corbin only adds to the pain thrown by the Yankees

As the departing Yankees keep shifting, the one who has escaped continues to shine.

Patrick Corbin – who rejected the Yankees for a richer deal with the Nationals last winter – ended the game Wednesday night against the Rockies after eliminating seven hitters and giving three hits and managed each one of them. six blanched. In his last seven starts, Corbin is 2-0 and 57 in 45 innings.

He allowed just eight runs, 35 hits and eight walks during the same period, and started Wednesday with a 7-5 mark and a score of 3.40 in 20 games in total, for a push from Washington.

Meanwhile, the hungry Yankees have seen their starters give more than six points to each of their last starts. Shortly after Corbin's arrival in Washington, the Yankees brought back J.A. Happ, who ran an average of 3.1 innings in the season Wednesday night against the Twins after giving up six runs on six hits. Happ is 8-5 in the season, but is struggling now and saw his ERA rocket beating 5.23 points in the Minnesota Yankees 10-7 win.

All indications are that Corbin, 30, signed with the Yankees last winter. He says his brother wore a Yankees cap as he handed his toast to the man at the wedding this fall.

Instead, Corbin chooses a $ 140 million six-year contract with Washington and proves at every start that the Yankees may have had to offer the same thing.

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