Patrick Frazee attempted to kill his fiancee three times before being beaten to death, according to an investigator

Patrick Frazee will face a murder trial in the death of his fiancée, Kelsey Berreth. His body has not been found since his last Thanksgiving day near Woodland Park, a city between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Krystal Lee Kenney, a resident of Idaho, told investigators that she had a romantic relationship with Frazee last year. He allegedly asked her to kill Berreth three times, said Gregg Slater, Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent.

Kenney said she was not involved in the fatal attack, but that the suspect had ordered him to clean the victim's house after killing him, Slater said.

Slater testified that Kenney provided details of the November 22 assassination during an interview with investigators. Kenney pleaded guilty to evidence of tampering on February 8.

Plan allegedly involved poisoned coffee

The investigators revealed grim new details about the murder and the steps they would have taken to hide it.

Frazee and Kenney started an intimate relationship early in 2018, she told investigators. He allegedly developed a plan to kill Berreth, whom he accused of abusing their child and using drugs.

Her first plan in September implied that Kenney poisoned a glass of caramel macchiato and gave it to Berreth, but she could not bring herself to do so, investigators said.

Kenney bought the drink and brought it to Berreth Town House. When she opened the door, Kenney told a story about showing gratitude and giving her the drink, but that was not poisoned, she told investigators.

The second and third attempts took place the following month. The first of the people involved in Kenney's assault against the victim in the parking lot of his condo with a metal pipe. She was waiting for Berreth, but still could not, said Slater. The third attempt was to beat Berreth with a baseball bat and she refused again.

Frazee reportedly took matters into her own hands and reportedly killed Berreth with a baseball bat at her home on Thanksgiving Day last year, according to Slater.

The suspect allegedly killed Berreth by passing a sweater around his head and beating him with the bat. He then burned his body in a water tank, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing in Cripple Creek, west of Colorado Springs.

He asked Kenney to clean up the blood at the victim's house after the attack. She brought with her a box of latex gloves, a white suit, slippers, bleach, two trash bags and a hairnet. Frazee even asked him to look for a tooth near a vent, Slater said.

He would have had a Thanksgiving dinner after the attack

Frazee was arrested in December for murder and is held without connection.

Prosecutors brought new charges against him Tuesday, including for alteration of a body and counts related to a crime of violence.

Frazee attempted to hire Kenney to get rid of her body in Idaho, but she refused, according to Slater. Instead, he removed the body on a farm in Fremont County, where he was left in a black tote bag in a pile of hay while he was going to Thanksgiving dinner, said Slater.

The suspect then moved the body into a water tank and added gas and wood before igniting it, Slater said. Frazee would have picked up the remains and thrown them either into a dump or into a river.

"You do not know how difficult it is to have a Thanksgiving dinner after you've killed her," recalls Kenney, Frazee told him, according to Slater.

She cleaned up the crime scene

On November 22, Frazee called Kenney to tell him that he needed help cleaning up a mess in Colorado, according to Slater.

She drove all night in Colorado with her cleaning equipment. She recovered a key from Frazee and opened the door of Berreth's townhouse on what she described as a "horrible" scene, Slater said. She spent hours cleaning and throwing toys and other stained objects.

In early December, investigators examining Berreth's bathroom discovered that there was blood in the toilet, the outside of the tub, the bottom of a trash can, the walls, the floor , a towel rack, the vanity and a power outlet, according to Slater.

Krystal Lee Kenney

Slater testified that the blood corresponded to a DNA profile created with samples taken from the Berreth family.

Parents revealed a possible motive

Berreth's parents, Cheryl-Lee, Ellen Berreth and Darrell Lynn Berreth, sued for wrongful death and cited the custody dispute as a probable ground. They said the suspect wanted full custody of their granddaughter, but Berreth would not agree.
Frazee told the police that he had last seen his fiancée on November 22, when he had recovered their daughter, which made him the last known person to have reported seeing him. alive.
In addition to the charges added on Tuesday, Frazee faces two counts of first degree murder and three counts of first degree murder solicitation.

CNN's Jeremy Harlan, Ray Sanchez, Amir Vera, Suzanne Presto, Holly Yan, Sara Weisfeldt and Scott McLean contributed to this report.

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