Patrick Mahomes: I don’t know if I’m at the level of Tom Brady

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Patrick Mahomes won a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP, and a regular season MVP in his first two years as a starting quarterback.

It’s an enviable resume, but it has some work to do to make his list of accomplishments as good as the one Tom Brady has compiled over the past two decades. Mahomes had the opportunity to reflect on that this week with a game against Brady and the Buccaneers on deck, and he said he always sees Brady on a higher plane due to his career achievements.

“I don’t know if I’m still at his level,” Mahomes said, via Nate Taylor of “He’s someone who is a world star. For me, I’m just trying to be myself and do the job and try to win games. All of that other stuff comes with it. I’m just trying to be a normal guy and live with my teammates and have fun doing it.

Mahomes and Brady faced each other three times when Brady was with the Patriots. The Chiefs won last season’s regular season game, but the Patriots won a 43-40 thriller in 2018, then came back for an overtime win in the AFC title game this season. Brady sought out Mahomes after that game to give the young quarterback a compliment he cared about.

“He grabbed me right after the game and I was kind of leaving the stadium,” Mahomes said. “He just talked about how he respected the way I was doing everything the right way. It’s just cool to have a guy of this stature who has won championships and has as much respect for your game as you have respect for his. It was really a cool experience.

With the two players at different conferences, a Super Bowl may be the only chance left to see them play against each other. If Sunday’s game is another classic, there probably won’t be much objection to that.

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