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Patrick Reed is not in the mood to embark on a club crisis at the US Open | sport

AAnyone looking for a sincere contrition demonstration of Patrick Reed after the US Open tantrum that has led him to become a social media phenomenon will be deeply disappointed. Reed, a little repentant, reflects on the episode on Friday when he broke his lob wedge above the knee after a ruffled scarf, struggling to understand what he is returning.

"At the end of the day, my anger came out; I did not do anything on the golf course, I did not say obscenity or anything, "said the 2018 Masters champion." It was only 'a split second, I moved on, I did my business and threw my next golf shot.'

A few minutes after Reed dismantled the club, adjacent to the 18th green at Pebble Beach, the footage became viral. There is an assumption that Reed will be fined for his dive attack, although the tournament organizers never make public the details of these penalties. This is not without reason, Reed used the aftermath of his third round Saturday to denounce the indiscretions of his colleagues. Sergio García seriously damaged putting surfaces in Saudi Arabia in February, during an episode that affected other players in the field.

"You have Sergio with what he's done on the greens, I have seen several guys tear apart golf courses and slam clubs," added Reed. "Rory [McIlroy] thrown his club into the water at the 9th hole in Doral [in 2015]. Lucas Bjerregaard has sent his driver into the water here. It happens. This kind of thing probably should not happen, but as long as you respect the golf course and do nothing to damage it, or the guys you play with … I prefer to let it out than to keep it.

"For me, it does not matter. It was comical to watch him after. It was not funny to hit with a low shot after the fact, especially when I'm proud of my corner game. Missing the green at 20 yards, then advancing the three-inch ball from the green is not normally what my game is short. That's what an open and rough US like this one will do to you. "

For all, Reed is in a position where he should be an example to young people, he is not at all inclined to damage his equipment. He drew criticism in China five years ago after calling himself "fucking fag" during a missed putt; for which he immediately felt remorse. Reed at the time admitted that he had "temperament problems" before adding: "This should never have happened. This golf game is a gentleman's game. "

Reed usually wears three versions of the hold in question at each tournament, which means that he had another one in his bag for a third round of 72. He labeled the clubs that have 61 degrees of loft, "61 and finished". Reed explained, "Usually, it gets me out of jail, it kept me in jail for that one.

"The players, even at this level and whether you play well or badly, every time you hit a bad golf shot or find a very bad point, you're always upset. You will not be happy and smiling when you hit a bad golf shot, especially when you hit four in a row after a solid workout. "

The double bogey accumulated by Reed at the hole in question means that he survived the cut halfway at one go. Saturday's round earned him a total of over three, which means he stays out of the top 50 of the US Open with 18 holes to play. In her previous four important starts before Pebble Beach, Reed had a better result, tied for 28th and two missed. The frustration about the general state of his game is not hard to trace.

"I knew [what the cut was] but I was not worried about the demarcation line, "he said. "I'm not here to make cuts, I'm here to try to win golf tournaments. It did not matter if the cup was one in two, seven out of seven. I was more upset to make a double bug on the last one than to make a cut. "

Reed offered a smile when asked when he broke a club. "It happened three times last year. I got off commercial flights and there was a broken club in my bag, "said the 28-year-old. "I have no idea the last time I did it."

That he has "done" that will remain as one of the imperishable memories of the tournament.

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