Patrick Warburton lifts the devils and falls

The New Jersey Devils have barely avoided the ranks of easy-to-forget sports teams, like the Florida Panthers, for two reasons: Martin Brodeur and David Puddy.

Patrick Warburton, who was on Seinfeld while a boyfriend of Elaine Benes and an episode did the same thing with the face paint, they showed themselves on the ice before Tuesday's Devils game against the Penguins to lure the attack. He put the "D" on his chest and became very strong because he understands why people in the street are shouting at him "Puddy!" And will probably do it for the rest of his life. Last night, Puddy also fell. He was fine.

Do you want to feel like an old bag of shit? the Seinfeld The episode "The Face Painter" aired for the first time on May 11, 1995. On the current list of Devils, six players are not yet born.

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