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Paul Ryan left because he was tired of Trump, says the book

Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, expressed his real sense of working with President Trump when he was in Congress in a forthcoming book, American carnage.

Ryan chose not to run again in the 2018 mid-term elections, considering the retreat as a "loophole" to no longer dealing with Trump, the source said. Washington Post.

"We are so numb by everything," says Ryan in the book. "Not to the government, but where we live, we have a responsibility to try to rebuild, do not call a woman a" horse face. "Do not cheat on your wife, cheat on anything, be good. give a good example. "

"I figured I should have a relationship with this guy to help him make himself understood," added Ryan. "Because, I tell you, he did not know no matter what about the government … I wanted to scold him all the time. "

Ryan said he and the others were working hard to keep Trump from "making bad decisions all the time".

In the book, Trump called Ryan "Boy Boy Scout".

The book also details how prominent Republicans, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, changed their minds about Trump after his victory over the United States. elections of 2016.

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