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Paul Ryan said that he wanted to "scold all the time Trump"

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly said in a book that he often wanted to "scold" President Donald Trump because he "did not know". no matter what about the government. "

Ryan, who had a meteoric rise in the ranks of the House with a reputation for savvy and savvy politics, was about to wake up abruptly when Trump took office, according to a Washington Post article on the upcoming book. Politico correspondent Tim Alberta "American Carnage" which, according to The Post, highlights several quotes from Ryan.

"I figured I should have a relationship with this guy to help him make himself understood," Ryan said in Alberta, according to The Post. "Because, I tell you, he did not know no matter what about the government … I wanted to scold him all the time. "

According to a separate excerpt from the Alberta book previously published in Politico Magazine, Ryan was so horrified by the release in October 2016 of a "Access Hollywood" tape in 2005 in which Trump boasted of having sexually assaulted women, that he had canceled a campaign with Trump in Wisconsin and asked the then Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, to find a way to replace Trump as a presidential candidate Republican and "excommunicate" the party.

Ryan, who retired from the House of Commons in 2018 and is now a private citizen, apparently did not hide his views on Trump in several quotes recorded for the story.

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Once Trump was elected, Ryan did his best to adapt to his spectacular and off-the-wall style of government. In one case reported by Alberta, Trump was unhappy that a package of expenses for 2018 did not include funding for the wall of his desired border and only signed it to him. the condition that Ryan gives him some time to generate suspense for the bill on Twitter.

Ryan said that he and other officials "had really helped prevent him from making bad decisions," adding that "we've helped him make better decisions," he said. which was contrary to the nature of his instinctive reaction.Now I think he's taking some of these instinctive reactions. "

According to Alberta, Trump also did not experience warm feelings towards Ryan, calling him a "fucking boy scout" because of the perfectly clean image she was cultivating.

"We are so numb by all this," Ryan meditated about Trump's behavior. "Not to the government, but where we live, we have the responsibility to try to rebuild.Do not call a woman a" horse face. "Do not fool your wife. good person, set a good example. "

"American Carnage: On the Frontlines of the Republican Civil War and the rise of President Trump" is to be published by Harper Collins on July 16th.

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