Pay to receive compliments online


There are also free groups. CNBC has found a number of publications on the Chinese social networking site Douban for praise groups. On one of the posts, a number was listed. CNBC added this number and the person – known as WeChat's "Abelard" – then trained us in the free worship group they lead.

Users complimented themselves in seconds. CNBC posted the following message: "Hello, I just moved in and spend a lot of time alone."

Shortly after, a WeChat user replied, "It's great, now you have more free time, take this opportunity to enjoy your" me "time, you can be very happy on your own. we have here! "

The CNBC reporter, who recently moved to Guangzhou, then told the group that he was learning Chinese.

"There is no limit to your learning, you are a very studious person, I think you will have a good command of Chinese in the future," said a user.

The groups are big enough. One group CNBC joined had almost 500 people and another more than 240 people.

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