Payment Service Square Recruits Crypto Engineers, Jobs Salaries in Bitcoin

The US payment platform, Square, recruits cryptocurrency engineers and offers to pay them in digital currency, according to a tweet Posted by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, March 20th.

In the tweet, Dorsey announces that "Square hires 3 to 4 crypto engineers and a designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the Bitcoin / crypto ecosystem. Work from anywhere, report directly to me and we can even pay you in Bitcoin! "

Dorsey added that the decision to pay employees in digital currency is based on the intention of "making the cryptography ecosystem larger", thus contributing to the Bitcoin community (BTC).

Dorsey also indicated that this would be the first open source initiative independent of their business objectives, as potentially hired engineers will focus entirely on "what is best for the cryptographic community and individual economic empowerment, not to Square's business interests. "

As previously reported, Square has recorded an annual Bitcoin business turnover of $ 166 million for 2018. The company has achieved Bitcoin sales of over $ 52 million for the fourth quarter, exceeding $ 9 million on third quarter and more than 15 million the second. However, the profits from Bitcoin activities, which concern the mainstream application of Square, remained low, with purchase costs accounting for the vast majority of revenues.

Last month, Dorsey – a well-known Bitcoin supporter – once again said he believes Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet:

"[Bitcoin] It was something that was born on the Internet, which was developed on the Internet, which was tested on the Internet … It's the Internet. "

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