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PBR has been registered

We can all breathe a sigh of relief – ACB was saved from extinction. Pabst Brewing has settled its half-billion dollar battle with MillerCoors. The company Pabst has outsourced the manufacture of its beer, so that we can all continue to drink the king beer of cheap beer "for many years to come". The bottom line was that MillerCoors was asking Pabst for $ 80 million a year to manufacture ACB, but wanted to increase that amount to $ 200, otherwise the contract would be terminated. Pabst said the increase would bankrupt them "three times". Sentinel Newspaper:

Terms were not immediately available, but the CEO of Pabst had said that if MillerCoors did not agree to extend his current contract to make Pabst beers, he would be shut down.

MillerCoors spokesperson Peter Marino gave no indication of the nature of the settlement.

"The parties have amicably resolved all outstanding issues in the case," he said.

A spokesman for Pabst echoed this sentiment but alluded to a long-term resolution.

"The parties have amicably resolved all outstanding issues in the case. Pabst will continue to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon and the rest of our authentic, tasty and affordable breweries to all Americans for many, many years, "he said.

Many savvy hipsters on a budget migrated to Narragansett, Tecate and other breweries several years ago, but it is good to know that the ACB will remain an option.

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