Pediatric Office refuses unvaccinated patients under the new policy – Trending & Viral News


HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WTHR) – Under a new policy, a pediatric office located in South Carolina does not accept patients who are not vaccinated and whose parents refuse to do so.

Tamara Pickett has been taking her unvaccinated daughter to CPG Pediatrics since the age of six, WMBF reported.

"This is one of the reasons we came to the office because we had learned that they were accepting patients who had not been vaccinated or had not planned to vaccinate," said Pickett.

However, that has changed.

During a recent visit to the doctor, Pickett learned that his 2-year-old daughter would no longer be accepted as a patient until she was vaccinated, reported the WMBF.

The staff said that all this was part of a new policy put in place for the safety of their patients.

"The fact that unvaccinated children go to a pediatric office where many children have a very high risk of contracting vaccine-related illnesses simply seems inappropriate," said Dr. Marc Bahan of CPG Pediatrics.

The office feels obliged given the number of patients they care about and whose immune system is weakened.

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