Pelicans could resume the NBA's commitment against Anthony Davis

While the Pelicans are scheduled to resume play Friday in Indiana, it is still unclear whether Anthony Davis will continue to be on the field for the team.

Davis has announced his intention to play the rest of the season. It seems that the shoulder injury that brought him out of last Thursday's match is minor because he was able to play in the all-star game. However, some members of the pelicans' organization think he played his last match for the team. The club would prefer to have it sit to minimize the risk of injury that would adversely affect its commercial value before a crucial offseason.

In a column on the situation of Davis, Marc Stein of the New York Times wrote about "strong signals" that the Pelicans were planning to re-engage the NBA this week to discuss the issue. The organization, which replaced general manager Dell Demps by interim managing director Danny Ferry last week, hopes to convince league officials to reconsider their position on forcing Pelicans to play Davis, said Stein.

When the Pelicans initially considered the opportunity to sit Davis after the trade deadline, the league would have contacted their players to remind them that the teams are fined $ 100,000 for keeping players healthy. . New Orleans would not be the first club to serve as a veteran this season, but the NBA wants to make the difference between a difference maker like AD and smaller players like J.R. Smith and Enes Kanter.

According to Stein, the league's position that the pelicans would be detrimental to the public buying tickets by preventing Davis from playing poker was futile, since supporters in New Orleans recognize that the great star player no longer wants to be. Forcing Pelicans to play against their will makes an uncomfortable situation even more toxic, says Stein.

With 23 games to play in the Pélicans schedule, this situation will deserve to be closely watched. If the club finally decides to sit with Davis – with or without the approval of the NBA – the players union could get involved, which would make the situation even more complicated. But if the Pelicans hope to maximize their return to Davis in an exchange between two seasons, the tragedy is worth it.

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