Pelicans open to deal multiteam Davis


David Griffin, Executive Vice President of New Orleans Basketball Operations, has begun to provide potential contenders with the package he is looking for in an exchange for All-NBA striker, Anthony Davis, comprising multiteam scenarios that would expand the pool of assets in an agreement, league sources told ESPN.

Until now, teams from Los Angeles and New York – the Clippers and Lakers, Knicks and Nets – have figured among the home offices inquiring from New Orleans, said league sources.

The Boston Celtics have long been considering a race at Davis, but they need to consider the future of free agent Kyrie Irving before embarking on a major offering of assets in New Orleans.

The success of Kawhi Leonard's Toronto hiring also seems to embolden the factions of Davis' unprivileged and smaller destinations to investigate New Orleans trade, League sources said.

According to the offices that had conversations with Griffin, he did not seem to convince a team is about to fulfill his wishes for a contract with Davis. To this end, Griffin strives to find multi-team trading scenarios that can redirect assets to players or give preference to pelicans, sources said.

For example, in this type of scenario, the Lakers could help find a team that hypothetically values ​​young Los Angeles players more than New Orleans does, or New York could turn its first two picks into the first round via Dallas in players that Pelicans prefer. New Orleans seems determined to be creative in reaching an agreement to maximize the performance of Davis, one of the NBA's elite talents.

Griffin did not propose to his teams any specific timeline as to the need for a contract, but indicated that he preferred that the acquisition of preliminary elections for 2019 be completed a few days before the June 20 event in Brooklyn. , said sources in the league. This gives the pelicans a chance to meet and take a closer look at candidate projects placed in close proximity to the choices that may be exchanged in New Orleans.

The Knicks and Lakers hold choices # 3 and # 4 in this month's project, respectively, and they are top-notch commercial assets to be considered by Pelicans.

Griffin is pursuing a combination of assets including an All-Star player, a young player with an All-Star potential and two first-round picks, league sources said. These desires are degressive. For example, the better the drive, the smoother the requests on the drafts – and vice versa.

This is certainly a starting point in the trade negotiations, but it remains to be seen how many teams will be ready to move to Davis, who could leave as a free agent next July.

Whatever the deal between the pelicans, Griffin wants his trump cards to continue to form a qualified team for the Western Conference playoffs. Jrue Holiday and striker Zion Williamson, a first overall pick, said sources.

For the moment, a Davis business appears to be a first-class recruiting tool for free agents in major market teams engaged with New Orleans. For example, Brooklyn and New York seek to associate with Kevin Durant or Irving, once the independent agency starts on June 30th.

Davis, 26, asked for an exchange in January – with the Lakers as the main destination – but the negotiations never came to fruition. These discussions were led by New Orleans general manager Dell Demps and Lakers president Magic Johnson, who are no longer employed in these positions.

Griffin was hired by the Pelicans in April and immediately began a campaign to convince Davis to reconsider his desire to leave the franchise. Davis is eligible to sign a $ 5.5 million contract for supermax starting in July.


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