Pelicans will "re-engage" the NBA about the closure of Anthony Davis

The pelicans' front office plans to "re-engage" the NBA about closing Anthony Davis for the rest of the season.

New Orleans had been exploring the possibility of leaving its superstar ahead after asking for an exchange last month, but the league stepped in and said he had to play if he was in good health.

The two shots scored by Anthony Davis in the All-Star Game should be the last two shots he's attempted of the season. Column for SportsWednesday in the @NY Times -> Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) February 19, 2019

AD has maintained his position during the All-Star weekend that he wishes to leave in New Orleans.

By The NY Times:

After his sweet appearance, Davis made it clear Sunday night that he still wanted to play the season. As much as N.B.A. Commissioner Adam Silver wants the same thing, Sunday Silver conceded in an interview with ESPN Radio, noting that the delicate dance resulting from Davis' trade demand had "become a distraction".

"It's a very unhealthy situation for the team and, frankly, for Anthony, too," said Silver.

In Charlotte, there was a good chance that the Pelicans – with Danny Ferry acting as Acting Director General after Dell Demps dismissed Friday – intended to rehire the NBA. This week, hoping to convince the league leaders to rethink their position by forcing them to face Davis.

N.B.A. The Players Association would probably get involved if New Orleans were successful, but I would advise the Pelicans to stay firm. Take any fine that comes. The team played better, still beating the ball without Davis – and God forbid us to suffer a serious injury during dog days of the regular season.

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