Pelosi and Dems Unveil Bill to Link Trump to Paris Climate Agreement


Democrats in the House unveiled Wednesday a long-awaited bill to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change by forcing the United States to make commitments under the Paris climate agreement from the Obama era.

Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia's Alesandro PelosiPelosi and Dems are waiting for a positive report with the Senate Mueller Report: the GOP blocks the formation of a committee on climate change Night Defense: the President of the Republic rejects the Pentagon's request to use B for the wall of the border | House fails to override Trump's veto | Pelosi and AIPAC vow that Israel will not be a "corner problem" MORE (D-Calif.) S & # 39; is associated with other Democrats to publish the legislative package in the Capitol, calling climate change an "existential threat" and promising that the party would quickly move the bill to ground.

"The American people know that the crisis is an existential threat of our generation, of our time, a crisis that manifests itself in natural disasters of incredible magnitude," she said.

The five-page bill known as the Climate Action Now Act aims to block President TrumpDonald John TrumpSchiff defying: "Without a doubt, there is a collusion" Barbara Bush blamed Trump for "a heart attack": a book nearly half of the new poll still indicates that Trump and Russia are in collusion MORE to withdraw from the Paris climate deal reached by the United States and other world powers in 2015 under former President Obama. Under the bill, Trump is also expected to submit a new plan to Congress indicating how the United States will continue to meet the goals set in the Paris agreement.

Trump said the deal was threatening the economic prosperity of the US industries and that he was planning to pull out of the deal in November 2020 – the sooner that it was over. he is legally entitled to do so.

Since taking office, Trump has allowed its administration to bypass the carbon reduction targets set by the agreement.

The Democrats' bill comes from Rep. Kathy CastorKatherine (Kathy) Anne CastorOpening of the night: the Senate offers an alternative to Green New Deal | Six Republicans named to the climate table of the house | Wheeler confirmed at the EPA's outposts. Six Republicans Appointed to House Climate Committee, Democrats Lead EPA Official on Decrease in Polluter Count in Trump PLUS (D-Fla.), Chair of the House Special Committee on the Climate Crisis, a panel created by Pelosi at the beginning of the year following calls from progressives for a more concerted effort Democrats led the House against climate change.

The issue created territorial tensions within the party, while the leaders of the relevant climate change committees fought to retain their authority over the democrats' way of proceeding. Tensions have forced Pelosi to reconcile his concerns with lobbies demanding a more aggressive approach to environmental protection. It did so by creating the special committee, without giving it the opportunity to issue subpoenas like the other groups.

Castor said Wednesday that the fight against climate change was "a moral obligation" for Congress, considering that the new legislation was only the first step in a much broader democratic effort to deal with the world crisis.

The bill will be annotated by the various jurisdictional committees "in the coming weeks," Castor said, before returning to the rostrum.

The bill is presented the day after the leader of the majority in the Senate Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellThe Hill & # 39; s Morning Report – Presented by USMCA Coalition Pass – Trump just won a victory over Mueller, Trump pleads for GOP health strategy Surprise Obama's decision in the field Gards Prevent Government From Being Stuck At Night, Senate Blocks Green New Deal | 43 Dems present | GOP Senator Criticizes Agreement with Reagan on a Dinosaur | Hickenlooper, hope for the 2020 Dem, opposes the Green New Deal Green (R-Ky.) Voted on another climate bill, the Green New Deal, which aimed to make Democrats aware of the bill prompted by progressives to become a litmus test for presidential candidates. 2020.

Democratic leaders called the vote a "sham", highlighting the lack of hearings on the bill. And the Democratic senators have sought to defuse any controversy surrounding the bill by voting widely for the present.

The Green New Deal resolution, which many Democrats see as ambitious, aims at best to boost US economic growth by moving the country's electricity grid to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Pelosi has long refused to say whether she intended to vote on the version of the Green New Deal resolution of the House, defended by the freshman representative. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezPelosi and Dems Hope Mueller Report to Benefit from Overnight Energy Report: Senate Blocks Green New Deal | 43 Dems present | GOP Senator Criticizes Agreement with Reagan on a Dinosaur | Hickenlooper, Hope for the 2020 Protests, Opposed the Green New Deal Webb: Mueller Report, Barr Letter, Political Food PLUS (D-N.Y.).

Following a call from the minority leader in the House Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthyThe Morning's Morning – Presented by USMCA Coalition Pass – Just Wins Victory in Mueller, Trump Pleads for GOP's Health Surprise Obama's Decision on GARD Health Care Hinders Treatment Health Care – Presented by the US Conservative Union – Trump Obama spot | Dems unveils plan to strengthen health law | Purdue Pharma Completes Opioid Litigation With Oklahoma PLUS (R-Calif.) In early March to hold a hearing on the resolution, Mr. Pelosi promised that there would be a debate on a climate bill, without specifying which one.

Ocasio-Cortez herself did not ask that her resolution be annotated or presented to the assembly. Instead, his office is working on new piece-by-piece legislation that would address specific policies set out in the larger plan. These bills are not expected until early next year, said his staff at The Hill.

The fight against climate has been resolutely partisan. On Wednesday, the Democrats soon announced Trump's intention to leave the Paris climate deal, which he announced as president in 2017.

representative Eddie Bernice JohnsonEddie Bernice JohnsonThe Hill 12:30 Report: Trump attacks McCain shaking GOP Senators Hillicon Valley: Doctors urge tech to crack down on anti-vax content | Facebook and Instagram suffer from widespread blackouts | Spotify hits Apple with antitrust complaint | FCC refuses calls to delay 5G auction House heads of technical committees request to postpone 5G auction (D-Texas), chair of the House's Committee on Science, Space and Technology, said Trump's decision to withdraw from the deal "is both misguided and misguided ".

"Rather than claiming that man-made climate change does not exist, we must do everything in our power to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement," he said. she said.

The select committee on climate change has a number of young freshmen who took advantage of Wednesday's deployment to highlight the importance of preserving the environment for the health of future generations.

Representative Mike Levin (D-Calif.), A 40-year-old former environmental activist, said the Congress must "accept the scientific consensus" that climate change "is driven by human activity" – and that Inaction of American decision makers would be catastrophic. . "

Representative Joseph Neguse (D), 34, a representative from Boulder, Colorado, warned that Congress had "a very short track to avoid catastrophic consequences for our planet".

Be p. Sean CastenSean CastenOvernight Energy: Interior overturns decision taken in Zinke's criminal investigation | Dem divisions deepen their approach to climate change | GM to hire 400 people to build electric cars Dematerialized divisions deepen their approach to climate change Every other night: Energy: McConnell votes on Green New Deal | Centrist Dems launches an alternative to the plan | House Republican Compares New Green Deal to Genocide | Coca-Cola reveals that it uses 3 million tons of plastic each year. MORE (Ill.), A 47-year-old former clean energy leader, accused Trump and the Republicans of "ignoring the most serious threat to the existence of human life on the planet".

"From Normandy to the Cold War, the US government is committed to identifying long-term existential threats to the entire population, and then to getting the rest of the world to mobilize around the world." a set of goals and shared values, "he said.

"That's what we need."

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