Pelosi calls on members to support the resolution ending the national emergency

Pelosi's call for action comes as the White House plans to transfer federal funds unrelated to Trump's declaration aimed at building a wall along the southern border , despite several prosecutions already initiated.

"I write to invite all members of Congress to adopt the privileged resolution of the Congress's co-sponsor, Joaquin Castro … to end this emergency declaration by using the termination mechanism provided by the National Emergencies Act, "wrote the California Democrat in a letter to his colleagues.

"All members take an oath to support and defend the Constitution," Pelosi added. "The president's decision to step outside the law to try to get what he has failed to do in the constitutional legislative process is a violation of the Constitution and must be overturned. We have the solemn responsibility to uphold the Constitution and defend our system of checks and balances against the assault of the President.

Representatives have until 3 pm Thursday to sign the resolution, which will be presented Friday, Pelosi wrote. The House will "act quickly" under the National Emergencies Act to adopt it before sending it to the Senate, she added.

Trump declared a national emergency last Friday.

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