Pence, at CPAC, blames Dems on the Green New Deal: "This system, that's socialism"


Vice President Pence, speaking at the conservative conference on political action Friday, accused Democrats of openly defending socialism with far-left policies such as "Medicare-for-all" and the Green New Deal – a system that he said "had people around the world."

At CPAC, conservatives warn of "radicalism" that includes socialism and drug abuse

"Under the guise of Medicare-for-all and a Green New Deal, Democrats are adhering to the same tired economic theories that have undermined nations and stifled the freedoms of millions of people over the past century," he said. said Pence at the CPAC hearing outside Washington. "This system is socialism."

He notably mentioned the candidates for the presidential election of Democrat 2020, many of whom supported the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all in one form or another, and accused them of having "stuck to the failed politics of socialism with slogans and slick social media campaigns. "


"But what they are actually proposing is a bit more similar: more taxes, more spending, more government and less freedom," he said.

The inflamed speech of the usually moderate voice is a return to the territory known to the conservative movement, which has spent much of the Obama years warning of the dangers of socialism while calling for limited government.

The recent upsurge and domination of a far-left faction within the Democratic Party has opened the door for the Conservatives to re-sound these warnings – especially as personalities such as the Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. And the representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., openly adopted the label of "democratic socialism".

The Green New Deal would seek to eliminate fossil fuels in favor of 100% renewable energy, as well as to recast the US economy with universal health care, employment guarantee programs and other elements. expensive. In the meantime, a number of people have called for Medicare plans for all, both Senators Kamala Harris, D-Calif., And Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Not giving up on the idea that their proposals would eliminate private insurance.

These recent calls figured prominently at the CPAC summit which will run until Saturday.

Matt Schlapp, president of the Union of American Conservatives (CPAC), told Fox News that the conference planned to create a stark contrast to socialism by emphasizing the freedom and founding principles of America.


"Democrats flirt with this idea that the principles that founded this country are actually rotten and need to be discarded," Schlapp said.

Pence urged the CPAC audience to look at Venezuela, which is currently experiencing an economic and constitutional crisis, as evidence of the dangers of the socialist model, and said that Democratic programs would not bring prosperity.

"Medicare for all really means quality health care for none," he said. "And the only ecological element of what is called the Green New Deal is the ecological cost that it will cost taxpayers if these people adopt it one day."

"The truth is that we want people to enrich the poor and the poor more, we want to make poverty more scarce, they want to make poverty more comfortable," he said. "This is the choice we face today: between freedom and socialism, between personal responsibility and dependence on the government."

Democrat supporters of these ambitious programs, however, argue that challenges such as climate change and unaffordable health care coverage require bold action by Washington.

"The Green New Deal is based on the fact that we are screwed to the climate. I'm sorry to tell you, "said Ocasio-Cortez in a recent Instagram Live video.


But the Vice President gave a positive tone to his speech, praising the administration's achievements in the economy, military spending and national security, saying: "America is back and we are just starting . "

The biggest applause undoubtedly took place when he praised President Trump's efforts to build a wall on the southern border, promising Pence: "Before we're done, we'll build everything."

Alex Pappas of Fox News contributed to this report.

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