Pence breaks tie in Senate to advance Trump's judicial candidate for North Carolina

VThe President of the Fatherland, Pence, held Wednesday a decisive vote in the Senate to advance the nomination of Thomas Farr, who was appointed judge by President Trump as Judge of the Eastern Region of North Carolina and has aroused the strong opposition of the Democrats.

Senator Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, needed the money after voting against Farr to protest the GOP leaders' decision to block a bill unrelated to the protection of special advocate Robert Mueller. At the age of 51-49, Flake's opposition created a 50/50 tie broken by Pence.

This vote put in place a final vote on Farr that should take place later this week.

Pence was needed to break the tie evenly, although it should be easier for Republicans next year, with a 53-47 majority. Flake, a constant critic of Trump, is retiring after this year and will not sit in the Senate.

Farr is awaiting final confirmation since January, when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved it in line with the parties.

Democrats and civil rights groups have vigorously opposed this candidacy based on Farr's earlier work to defend North Carolina's electoral identity law, which was overturned by a federal court for to have repressed the black votes.

The leader of the Senate minority, Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Led efforts to push at least one Republican to oppose Farr, which would reduce his appointment.

"Thomas Farr has been working hand in hand with the North Carolina Republicans in their efforts to undermine general voting rights and prevent African Americans from accessing the vote," Schumer said at the conference. a speech in the Senate. "He does not have to be confirmed as a federal judge in North Carolina."

The Republicans defended Farr's legal work and claimed he was qualified to sit in federal court.

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