PETA tells Ocasio-Cortez that there are no Go Vegan burgers


Author Green New Deal Rep. The dinner of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with an eminent collaborator eating a hamburger has been criticized by PETA, who wishes that "animal agriculture" be banned in climate proposals and believes that advocates such as the legislator and his team have "the duty" to become vegans.

"This may be an embarrassing truth for some, but when animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than any other transportation system in the world, climate justice advocates have a duty to become vegans," said Tracy Reiman. , executive vice president of PETA, after photos posted on Twitter from her dinner with an aide who was eating a hamburger.

"Representative Ocasio-Cortez has laudable and ambitious goals, and PETA encourages her to re-examine the evidence and ensure that meat, dairy products and eggs are removed from its base and the policies of the organization. Green New Deal, "added Reiman.

The legislator and the Green New Deal were criticized when talking points were highlighted: include "farting cows" as they are part of agricultural practices that produce harmful emissions for the climate.

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She also talked about breeding and suggested that Americans eat fewer hamburgers. She told Showtime, "And so that does not mean you're getting rid of agriculture, that does not mean we're going to force everybody to become vegan or something crazy like that." it's to say: "Listen, we have to talk about industrial farming. Maybe we should not be eating a burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Internet exploded yesterday when the photos appeared on Twitter, prompting Ocasio-Cortez to respond: "Tonight a guy was scary (and obviously) took a picture of me while he pretended he was not there. to be and that I had to break his fourth imaginary wall and say "Hi! I am a person! It's weird!

PETA is pressuring Ocasio-Cortez to become vegan.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to the legislator earlier this week: "Because animal agriculture is not only devastating for animals but poisons the environment." and makes Americans sick, we need a Vegan Green New Deal. "

She added, "PETA hopes that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will promote equity, environmental justice, health and kindness by recognizing the need for vegan food policies".

This is PETA's initial letter to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

"February 27, 2019

The Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

US House of Representatives

Dear Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez,

Greetings from the people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA). Recently, we learned that your favorite types of milk are vegan and cashew nut vegan milks, perfect choices for people who advocate for green policies. Science could not be clearer: the choices we make every day, especially when it comes to what we eat, affect the whole world. We congratulate you for advocating a Green New Deal because we have to reclaim Earth from those who encourage animal suffering and ill health, pollute poor communities and take advantage of environmental degradation. In addition, we ask you to add an important element to the proposal: the promotion of vegan food policies. Here are some of the compelling reasons why:

Animal agriculture is one of the major emitters of greenhouse gases and compliments many of the other serious environmental problems we face today. In most cases, the higher density of concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) is built close to low-income communities, which experience many more incidents of illness and chronic health problems than other poor communities . In addition, meat consumption is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Yet the interests of the industry, propagated by millions of dollars spent on lobbying and direct support for political campaigns, continue to dominate US food and agricultural policies.

Many policy choices could help reduce the shadow of animal agriculture on our health and our environment. For example, PETA called for an excise tax on meat and supported corporate and government initiatives to increase access to vegan foods. The inclusion in the Green New Deal of a program to transition from meat, eggs and dairy products to plant-based agriculture would allow workers to stay employed while encouraging a healthy diet and the development of the green industry.

Please see the supplemental information sheet (available here) for more information. We look forward to discussing how we can work together on this issue. "

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