PGA of America not (at least yet) winning Trump Bedminster’s 2022 PGA Championship


A story circulating on social media is shared with interpretation that the PGA of America is withdrawing from the 2022 PGA Championship at President Donald Trump’s Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ

However, the author of this story confirmed that this was not the message of the story. Rather, it is an interpretation of a column by Eamon Lynch from Golfweek.

NJ Advance Media published an article titled “PGA to Strip Trump Bedminster from 2022 PGA Championship, Says Insider.” That insider is Lynch. Kevin Manahan, the author of the NJ Advance Media article, however, leads the story with a paragraph that can easily be misinterpreted as reporting news of an impending PGA of America decision.

“The PGA of America will drop Donald Trump from the 2022 PGA Championship, which is scheduled to be held at Trump National Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey,” the story goes.

This phrase, however, is an interpretation of Lynch’s play.

Lynch, however, does not explicitly state that the PGA of America will move the 2022 PGA Championship from Trump Bedminster. In the excellent column, Lynch says, “The odds of the PGA 22 Championship going as planned in New Jersey are about as good as the odds of you or I winning it. While the PGA of America may still, and may soon, cut ties with Trump as host of 22, Lynch did not signal that it was imminent.

The NJ Advance Media article reprints portions of Lynch’s column, as well as that of Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post, who wrote about the dangers of golfing association with Trump during and after his presidency.

In 2015, the PGA of America canceled the Grand Slam of Golf which was to be played at Trump’s public golf course in Southern California, citing Trump’s comments on immigrants when his campaign kicked off. electoral. The PGA of America, which announced the deal for the PGA 22 Championship in 2014 even after Trump spread the myths of Birtherism about then-President Barack Obama, could do the same for the event. ‘next year.

Although sources close to the PGA of America have indicated that a move could occur, they have also given reasons the organization may not attempt to terminate the contract, including the economic impact, concerns about construction of tournament infrastructure within a tight deadline and potential lawsuit by the Trump Organization.

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