Phee: Viral message on the medical card and the payment of the mourning is false – Nation


GEORGE TOWN: The state government denied a viral message urging all elderly citizens to visit Pakatan Harapan Assemblies' service centers to register for a free annual medical card. a value of RM 700 and RM 2,500. Phee Boon Poh, chairman of the Penang Social Welfare Committee, said the messages circulating on social media were fake and a tactic used to create unnecessary problems. "We know that after GE14, people's expectations are high, but this information circulates

" The information circulating is actually offered by the Selangor government as part of their Skim Peduli Sihat ( health care system) and their Golden Age-Friendly program. in their individual and family categories, while elderly people and people with disabilities are entitled to the mourning fund of 2,500 RM, "he said.

Phee told Penang, the bere The state government introduced the Healthy Penang program, which gives RM 300 for households with an income of RM 5,000. and below and RM150 for those whose income is less than or equal to RM2,500, capped at RM50 per visit to the clinic, which will be credited each year to their "I Love Penang Card"

Penang stated that the Penang Institute, charged with the implementation of the "I Love Penang", had set up the system, but was being finalized, the state wishing to incorporate more incentives there .

Meanwhile, Phee also announced that the deadline to enroll in the I-Sejahtera program had been extended until July 15th.

"Usually ends June 30, but this time due to general elections, we have extended the date

This time, applicants under the Golden Mother Scheme will receive their payments on August 11 and 12 , distributed at various Maybank branches.

"The Seniors Appreciation Program and Single Mothers' Assistance will be distributed between the 22nd and 28th district offices while the Golden Student Scheme will be distributed in same time in several branches of Maybank. "


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