How deep is the ocean?

How deep is the ocean?

Modern self-discovery at Art Basel Miami Week –

3-5 December 2018

Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most successful artistic events in the world. It takes place at the same time as many satellite art shows in the first week of December. In the heart of downtown Miami, just a few subway stops from the new Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), the Miami River Art Fair reflects Miami's urban landscape and responds to the city's rapid growth as a destination cultural.

One of the exhibitors at Miami River Art Fair Barbara Aust-Wegemund, director of the AHC Projects gallery (booth B1), is invited to organize the collective exhibition "How deep is the ocean?" Modern self-discovery in philosophy and arts. A group exhibition organized with pioneering artists. About her concept and intent, the curator and art historian explains:

"The philosophers of the romantic nature have interpreted the sea as a source of life, thus continuing to create modern criteria of ethical behavior, which lead to a new bioethics and a new understanding of the sea. The organized exhibition asks the ocean? "as a philosophical question. The philosophy of the ocean is concerned with aesthetics – the sea, a symbol of the sublime – and modern self-discovery – the sea, the mirror of the soul. The exhibition invites to explore the links between romanticism and modernity, real and (inner) journeys, identity, infinity and space.

Celebrating emerging and established international artists in Miami, the jury show features original works by Louis Atelouis, Tracy L. Barwick, Khalilah Birdsong, Carole Kohler, Marianna Kupriyanova, KanKan Ramos-Lim, Claudia Mini and from Sal Sidner.

The Swiss artist Louis Atelouis has developed "Pleat-Art", an absolutely new method for painting with oil on canvas. Louis is a multi-level artist, poet, writer, painter, philosopher and intelligent rebel. Louis's vision "Do not spoil your life on reality" is reflected in all his works, whether it be paintings, books or drama. His abstractions constantly project new horizons on which he strives to move forward. Louis Atelouis about his concept: "There are no superiors, because they always assure us that they will support us and open the way for us, but for that they should let us go, since we stand in front of them, or turn left or right to get around, but there is no advance from there either. on top of each other, we are no longer. Now that there is no more up, down, left or right in the void Anyway, we are in front, we could leave everything The only question that remains is: who are we? "For the exhibition organized in Miami, Louis created a new series, among which the painting" Blue Thing ", which tells us that the seas are rise, let the water penetrate, and that we finally move into blue beings or suffer morbid octopus.

Tracy L. Barwick An engineer by training, he has created works of art that have evolved, with more maturity, over time. Tracy mentions about her intention to create works of art: "I am convinced that there is a hometown in Dayton, Ohio, and that there is no other place on this planet with such an atmosphere eclectic art, museums, history and culture, a constant source of nutrition. My artistic narration is simple: personify emotions, beliefs and social concerns across ethnic motifs, nuances, mediums across the spectrum of color. I've always had a creative side, but at first, I experienced so many mediums until a few years ago, I found the joy of using beads. "Considering the topic" how deep is the ocean "does not just remind me of the ecological problems ( plastics) of our oceans, but also the famous Ella Fitzgerad and her song "What is the depth of the ocean? How high is the sky? "So, hope never dies." The unique work of Tracy L. Barwick has been shown many times during the week of Art Basel in Miami and at the United States. She shared her brilliant art with many people at UNICEF and the Maryland Arts Council.

Khalilah Birdsong: "I am interested in survival and resurgence, distress, alteration is palpable on the canvas, but also resurgence, I build layers and then remove them to create a painting that is ultimately all. and stripping creates bruises, bumps and rough ridges, but also reveals older, more forgotten color spots.Each painting is an experience through process, which translates into the canvas to create a story that does not can be experienced only visually.My process is painful for the medium Through this, my paintings come to resolution. "The artist holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Affairs, French Minority, French and English. Howard University in Washington, has a rich culture and studied French civilization at the Paris-Sorbonne University. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Japan and is part of public and private collections, including Martin Luther King, Jr. Natatorium Center and Fulton County Arts & Culture, Permanent Collections in Atlanta, in Georgia and the United States. the private art collection of the 44th US President Barack Obama.

Carole Kohler is a visual artist, designer, recycling activist and traveler who creates abstract paintings, objects and sculptures around the world. Art Schhool Biel, a graduate in painting and design and resident in Switzerland, is known for her artistic projects (social) and her productions in Thailand, South Africa and Namibia. His work is influenced by the art of African Bushmen and by his art teacher, the Swiss master in abstract art, Alexander Jeanmaire. In South Africa, Kohler has a friendship with primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, who has been awarded for the title of Messenger of Peace of the UN. Together, they realized an exhibition project in Germany, Munich, organized at the House of Africa. Carole: "Although I like the extremes, creating a balance is important to me.Life and art need contrasts, but it must balance in one way or the other. Another, I grabbed myself again and again, while I rocked as a ladder the design on one side, but only to recover myself soon after and to establish a delicate balance. "Balance is a source of tension for me and challenges me." A stable balance is kind of boring, and yet a balance is absolute. His rich collection of sculptures and paintings has been shown in Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the United States (New York) and China.

KanKan Ramos-Lim was born in Manila, Philippines. She lives and works in Manila. In 1996, Kankan obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Santo Tomas with a specialization in Advertising. She is also in the world of marketing, runs an advertising agency, but continues to pursue her passion for painting, producing various works and participating in several exhibitions. Experiencing different styles and techniques, Kankan uses her mothering experience and digital marketing specialist to create her own unique blend of art. In addition, she creates books, murals and abstract paintings. His work has been shown in public spaces and galleries in Manila and New York. Kankan uses his works to explore identity, relationships and self-metamorphosis with an approach based on observation and experimentation.

Marianna Kupriyanova was born in Russia and currently lives in Germany. Marianna holds a degree from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. A global citizen, she lives and works in St. Petersburg (Russia), Seoul (South Korea) and London (United Kingdom). Using mixed media, she explores the concept of her new semi-abstract series "Lost Cities": "Beauty symbolizes different impressions of love and life in the new series." When I paint, I I'm in a good mood and I can open my heart and my feelings to express my emotions, that's why I love colors and I want to make everything flow, the colors shine in a bright light. fragments of collages to focus the memories of my travels … it's not a beauty like in lifestyle magazines, my cities are bright, broken, lost and delightful at the same time. "

The Swiss artist Claudia Mini studied design and obtained a master's degree in sports science from the University of Bern, Switzerland. Claudia Mini enjoys all types of movement, be it in sports activities, scientific experiments, mental movements in yoga sessions or fluid lines in her abstract works. The passionate artist, who lives in Bern, explains: "Since I remember, I was particularly interested in creativity and the use of color, words, music and movement to produce works My development as an artist was partially self-taught, in part.Through specific training, I attended the photography workshop of Viviane Liebherr in collaboration with Michel Comte and, from 1998 to 2000 , during screen printing by Claudio Bischoff (Bern School of Design)., I taught creative design courses in primary schools.The painting "Sonnengruss" (hello to the sun) is the exercise of perfect yoga, mental training to explore oneself, one's inner spaces. "

Sal Sidner was born in the United Kingdom. She has lived and worked in Miami for many years, including in America, Asia, Europe and North Africa. Educated in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy, she earned her Masters degree in Education and Education in Education from the University of Florida, completed a Master's degree at the University of Venice with University of New York and earned a BA in painting. and print at the West of England College of Art (Bristol, United Kingdom). Further studies have also been conducted with various master artists, including Scuola Lorenzo d'Medici and Charles Cecil Studios (Florence, Italy). Sal Sidner has been teaching art for many years, in museums (the North Miami Contemporary Art Museum), art centers and currently in Dade County public schools in Miami. Previous experience that contributes to her practice includes 20 years as a licensed mental health counselor and a lifelong meditation practice.

Sal Sidner's works are part of museums and art collections around the world, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami North), the Southern Graphics Council, the Kate Skipworth Museum. His work is archived in the Vasari archives of the MDC Public Library. The work "Inner Rhythm" by Sal Sidner invites us to listen to our own inner rhythm, reflecting quotations from art historians derived from the Indian culture of Krishna dance on the Renaissance frescoes Italian from Giotto. His current practice reflects his interest in the ocean as a metaphor for diving into the experience of the inner life.


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Hours of opening | Tuesday, December 4 from 11h to 18h | Wednesday, December 5th, 11am to 6pm

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