Pitbull and Trackhouse Racing set to unleash ‘a revolution’


Pitbull aspires to win NASCAR races as a part-owner of Trackhouse Racing, but the superstar host is focused on a larger goal for the sport.

“It’s a movement,” said the Cuban-American, who had a more diverse audience for NASCAR on Tuesday. “It’s a revolution… to take sport and create a culture.”

Pitbull – real name Armando Christian Perez – is the second global figure in the past six months to become a team owner, joining NBA legend Michael Jordan in sports.

Jordan is co-owner with Denny Hamlin of 23XI Racing. Jordan, a longtime NASCAR fan, said last year that he hoped to create more opportunities for blacks in racing.

Bubba Wallace, who will lead for Jordan’s team, is excited about Pitbull’s entry into NASCAR.

“It shows other minorities ‘Hey, if these guys are investing, why don’t we?’ And keep building our sport, ”Wallace said Tuesday. “This is what we need. It’s all about visibility, contact with the right people. … We’re a game-changer with everything that happened last year.

“I think we’ve put NASCAR on the map in a lot of new areas. Lots of new fans are looking to tune in this year, which is great for all of us. We just need to get things done. “

NASCAR Cup Series FanShield 500
Pitbull filming a video during the NASCAR weekend in March 2020 at Phoenix Raceway. (Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

That’s what Pitbull wants to do with co-owner Justin Marks and driver Daniel Suarez with the Cup freshman team.

“It’s about creating awareness,” Pitbull said. “In the same way that music is the universal language, I also see NASCAR as the universal language because everyone loves a fast car and a great story.”

Pitbull notes his rise from humble beginnings. He also brings up Suarez’s story that he came from Mexico and became the first foreign born champion in a NASCAR National Series when he won the 2016 Xfinity Series title.

“It’s about letting everyone know no matter what happens in life, if you focus, you work hard for it, you can make it happen,” Pitbull said. “It’s my story and Daniel’s. That’s why we appreciate Justin and Ty (Norris, a team leader) who invest in us to believe in us. And we’re here to win and show everyone in the world how to bring everyone together through NASCAR and Trackhouse. “

Pitbull’s litter goes with his “Mr. Moniker around the world.

The Grammy Award winner’s social media reach is immense. More … than 53 million people liked his Facebook page. He has 25.5 million followers on Twitter. His Youtube page has 14.2 million the subscribers. He has 8.2 million followers on Instagram.

His social media accounts are expected to feature more NASCAR soon. Pitbull will serve as Field Marshal for the February 14 Daytona 500. It follows the music video he made before last year’s Xfinity and Cup season finals at Phoenix Raceway on NBCSN and NBC.

Pitbull said he was interested in the movie “Days of Thunder” at NASCAR. He was drawn to Trackhouse Racing because of Marks’ plan to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.

In 2015, Pitbull launched the SLAM Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization representing 12 public schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 across the country.

“We have a responsibility as people, we have a responsibility as American companies to make sure that not only are we building a successful business, but that we are building something to empower the next generation of people and we are leaving a legacy. “. Said Marks.

“I think it’s so consistent with what’s important for Armando. Partnership makes sense. I think there are so many opportunities for us in the future.

Pitbull said: “It makes sense because we’re all here for one reason and one reason. Creating awareness – clearly for NASCAR, clearly for Trackhouse – but more than anything, showing that it brings people together.

If there is anything we need right now, it’s something that unites people, not that divides people. That’s what we’re here to do with this platform, (this) opportunity. “

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