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Pixar hires his second director

Pixar Animation Studios is perhaps the most influential animation team in the world, but has recently developed a serious reputation problem. Earlier this year, an insider's report from a former employee explored the rigid culture of sexism in the studios, which systematically prevented women from holding leadership or advancement positions while protecting men who harassed or abused them. Meanwhile, designer John Lasseter was ousted from Disney after learning that he was known for "catching, kissing, and commenting on the physical attributes of the woman." The Hollywood journalist written this year.

The decision to replace Lasseter with new leaders is in addition to several other initiatives aimed at increasing the diversity of Pixar's storytelling, some of which Lasseter himself defends. In 2015, the studio released the short film The great Sanjay team, a comforting story about a child who connects with his father's faith. This short film was directed by Pixar's first color director, Sanjay Patel. Now, as Deadline reported today, the studio receives its second feature film from a director – Domee Shi, director of the sensational Pixar short film Bao, which debuted this year and has gone Indestructible 2. (Shi's Bao Pixar's first short film directed by a woman.) "We're just developing history right now," Shi said. Deadline. "It's super early, but I'm really excited to play in this new 90-minute movie format."

It is not surprising that Pixar's culture took so long to change. Brenda Chapman, co-director of 2012 Courageous and the first woman hired as director Pixar was removed from her film before theatrical release. "When Pixar removed me from Courageous – a story that comes from my heart, inspired by my relationship with my daughter – it was devastating, "wrote Chapman in The New York Times the year the film came out. "To have it removed and given to someone else, and to a man in addition, was really painful on so many levels."

The film industry is undergoing its own calculation, while a wave of powerful men has been pushed to top positions, following a spate of revelations about sexual misconduct. The dynamics change. power structures too. Shi – who works at Pixar since his internship in 2011 and has contributed to films like On the upside and Toy Story 4 – is the proof of this change, too.

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