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Pixel 3a is already an Amazon best seller for unlocked phones

If you ask me right now what is the best value in smartphones, I would probably say it's the Pixel 3a. Clearly, Google's impressive budget is circulating in the media, as Pixel 3a is currently Amazon's # 1 bestseller for unlocked smartphones.

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Amazon keeps a list of "best sellers" for some major categories of products, with unlocked smartphones being just one of the myriad options. The company clearly explains that this page is updated "every hour" based on product sales. The Pixel 3a is currently the "Best Seller" in the category of unlocked smartphones, beating much cheaper devices from Samsung, BLU, Motorola, etc.

It is not known if this spot is only taken with the smallest, 399 pixels 3a, or a combination of the 3a and 3a XL. In either case, it's good news for Google. Amazon is one of the largest markets in the world and having a bestseller means that many people buy your product.

The Amazon list of Pixel 3a is also praising its customers. So far, only 50 reviews have been received, averaging 4.3 stars and nearly 75% of 5-star reviews. Customers seem to particularly appreciate the value and the life of the battery, alongside the camera (obviously).

Given the good reception of Pixel 3a by consumers and the media, solid sales figures should not surprise us and we can only hope that this means that Google will take notes for its future devices.

pixel 3a best seller amazon

Google Pixel 3a is Amazon's bestseller for unlocked smartphones

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