Pizza Hut redesigns drive-thru


The pizza chain announced a new pickup window on Tuesday called “The Hut Lane,” which it says offers “convenience and speed without customers ever having to park their cars.” Customers can pick up orders placed through the Pizza Hut app, restaurant website and phone number via the new route.

Pizza Hut added

Pizza Hut developed the Hut Lanes due to the change in consumer behavior during the pandemic, the company said. Pizza Hut has expanded the means for customers to collect their pizzas while limiting human contact. For example, it was the first national pizza chain to offer touchless curbside pickup.

The redesigned window is part of the brand’s long-term strategy to modernize through digital control and an improved customer experience. Sidewalk contactless pickup and delivery will remain available at locations without the new lane.

During the pandemic, drive-thru has become a key way for fast-food restaurants to sell to customers. Chains that have relied on them for years, like Taco Bell, McDonald’s and Burger King, are unveiling innovative new concepts designed to get more customers through faster. Others, including Chipotle and Shake Shack, are quickly adding drive-thru slots or opening them for the first time.
Last week, Taco Bell announced a new restaurant format that includes two drive-thru services and smaller dining areas. Similar to the idea of ​​Pizza Hut, one of Taco Bell’s drive-thru lanes is dedicated to pickup orders made on its app or website. Both channels belong to Yum! Brands (YUM).
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