PlayStation Boss: The PS5 will have more multiplayer exclusives than the PS4

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(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Overall, Sony Interactive Entertainment has moved away from creating multiplayer games, especially this generation. And when he ventured into this space – with games like Attracted to death – it failed.

The defining feature of Sony's release as the first part of this generation consists of one-player-based narrative games. And in this space, he was king. Between the tastes of God of the war, Marvel's Spider-Man, Transmitted by blood, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4: the end of a thief, Sony has released some of the best solo games of this generation, while many publishers are moving more and more towards online and multiplayer spaces.

That being said, while Sony has repeatedly committed to creating more single-player story-based games, it may also want to try to make itself part of the lucrative multiplayer pie.

Sending to Business Insider, PlayStation boss Shawn Layden, at one point spoke of multiplayer games and exciting discussions about the future of PlayStation.

"Coop Couch – I mean it's an entire category to which the industry, I think, has to come back," Layden said. "We have this with sports titles, and some race titles, but not much, and I think that speaks to the power of the Internet, but maybe we could go back to that for the family to be more engaged in the game. experience.

"But no, I was making more reference to things like & # 39;GTA 5 onlinewhere you lookCall of Duty& # 39; or & # 39;Fortnite, "Or any of these experiences," added Layden, clarifying a previous discussion point earlier in the interview. " Worldwide Studios, as I said, we have really bet a lot on the game based on history. The power of narrative. Great spectacular experiences. But not much in multiplayer, I think. This is an area in which you will probably see us start making more noise with the new term. "

As you can see, Layden keeps the blur, but PlayStation could make some noise in the multiplayer, perhaps from the beginning of the next generation. For my part, it would not bother me to see a PlayStation-themed royal battle game, where Nathan Drake, Crash Bandicoot, Kratos and others would fall in a battle to the death. And I know that I can not be the only one to buy such a game.

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