PlayStation fans believe the next PS5 restocking target could drop very soon

Will Target’s next PS5 restock take place on January 19? On Twitter, speculation that Target will release their new PS5 stock next week has circulated, thanks to a new screenshot that seems to suggest it, however, the screenshot in question has since been disputed. And sadly, Target didn’t comment on the matter, leaving PS5 customers completely in the dark.

Just like in 2020, the PS5 is nearly impossible to obtain at the moment. If that will change in the months to come, who knows, but for now, it could very well be the most difficult it has ever been to get the console. Not only is the competition still stiff, but retailers have run out of stock during the holiday season. Since Christmas, replenishments are extremely rare. And when they increased on Best Buy, GameStop and more, they sold out instantly.

As for Target, it has been quiet in 2021, however, that could change soon. On Twitter, “YtNextGenGaming,” a page that helps PlayStation fans get the elusive console, revealed that they had received a screenshot that appears to indicate that the next PS5 release will be on January 19, which is Tuesday. next.

If you haven’t seen the tweet yet, it features an image showing the stock PS5 which will be ready for January 19, however, in replies, many disputed the screenshot, with users claiming it is not for the console, but the PS5 Multimedia Remote. And at the moment, that seems to be the case.

Is the PS5 on sale next week at Target? May be. However, as of yet, the retailer has not announced any new supplies and the above tweet, at the very least, should be taken with a big grain of salt.

While chatting with a GameStop manager on Monday, we were told that they haven’t received any new stock in store since Black Friday. Sure, the retailer has been selling shares online, but the point is, no one has a lot of PS5 shares right now. In other words, even if Target drops new stock next week, it probably won’t be the truck replenishment that many PlayStation customers are hoping for.

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