Please allow New Orleans' "Huge Ass Beer" trial to reach the Supreme Court

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Just before New Orleans' most important weekend (before Mardi Gras), everything is not right on Bourbon Street. A particular argument has been simmering for years and has spilled over into the case of Huge Ass Beer c. Giant Ass Beer. This costume will surely appear in the history books for the number of times the phrase "Ass Beer" appears in its text. I'm not a lawyer, but I know a thing or two about big ass beer. This is what is at the heart of Huge Ass Beer v. Giant Ass Beer.

By The New Orleans lawyerThe trademark of Huge Ass Beers is owned by Nicholas S. Karno # 1 Inc., which operates several Bourbon Street bars. These bars (Steak Pit, Prohibition and Cornet) offer oversized and innovative beers in Huge Ass Beer steins. As you can see from the photo of the website, this huge beer is a matter of class, people, as the picture indicates: [with] "Huge Ass Tips" "or in the Instagram post titled" How many Asses can you handle? "(Editor's note: leave the case to the Supreme Court.)

But Billie Karno, operator of Huge Ass Beer Bars, filed suit this week, alleging that other bars in Bourbon Street had violated his trademark, Huge Ass Beer, by selling takeaway cups advertising "Giant Ass Beer ". These bars – Beerfest, Voodoo Vibe and Sing Sing – plus a striptease club called Stiletto & # 39; s, operated by Pamela Olano and Guy Olano Jr. Karno seeks to put a stop to the marketing of materials bearing the name of Giant Ass Beers as well as damages.

The waters of Ass Beer are even more confused, as the Olanos and Karno have engaged in another unfair trading lawsuit because Karno is the owner of several companies that the Olanos exploit. In the lawsuit, Karno alleges that the Olanos introduced Giant Ass Beer just to annoy him.

If the world can not have the pleasure of reading the dissenting opinion of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Huge Ass Beer c. Giant Ass Beer, can we at least get a Law and order episode on the subject?

(Editor's final note: if you can tell me correctly how many times I have used the phrase "ass beer" in this article, without cheating with F-control, I will reward you with an entire star in the comments .)

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