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Pokemon fans just want Blastoise to shoot water from his guns

Pokemon fans have seen many different animations from many generations of Pokémon, but Blastoise is still unable to draw huge guns on his back. Blastoise was one of the leading final developments since the beginning of the series, but even when we arrived at the Pokemon Let Go and Blastoise has a Mega Evolution with an extra cannon, he still can not use it to draw water during his animations. Those who wait with impatience Pokémon sword and shield hope that changes in the next generation.

The observation of Blastoise's lost cannons and his request to use them was revived after Pokemon fans had the chance Sword and shield at the Nintendo E3 event. US Gamer also spoke with those involved in the development of the game and inquired about Pokémon Bank's limitations that "higher quality animations" are being processed.

"We already have over 800 species of Pokemon, and these games will be added," said producer Junichi Masuda. "And now that they're on the Nintendo switch, we're creating it with much higher fidelity with higher quality animations."

Some people hope that Blastoise can draw water from his signature guns, but will he? We will not know until we see more of the game or before Sword and shield go out for the Nintendo Switch November 15, but by then, if you have any ideas on the subject, join people below who could have the same ideas, in full speculation and in doubt.

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