Pokemon fans really hope that Scorbunny will not turn into a type of fight


Screenshot: Pokemon (Nintendo)

Scorbunny, one of the starter Pokémon for the newly announced player Pokemon Sword and Shield, is a nice little bunny and I love him. It is also the source of concern among Pokémon Fans.

Until now, there have been eight different generations of Pokémon Main series games, leading to eight different series of Pokémon starter. More modern entries allow beginners to win a second type of Pokémon in addition to their initial types, Fire, Water or Grass. While Water and Grass Pokémon have a variety of secondary types, Fire Pokémon tend to follow a routine. Torchic (Pokémon Rubis and Sapphire), Chimchar (Diamond Pokémon and pearl) and Tepig (Black Pokemon and White) all became fire / combat creatures. These three games have also followed one another, which makes the trend even more glaring.

Pokémon players are now afraid that Scorbunny will suffer the same fate. Why? Because of the bandage on his nose.

This might not mean much to people who are not obsessed with Pokemon, but character patterns usually have consistent patterns indicating the type of Pokémon they are associated with. It's not very subtle. Pokémon Gym and Pokémon Heads generally have a sporty appearance. Pokémon like Hitmonchamp and Hitmonlee wear a martial arts equipment. Maylene, the head of the fight type gymnasiums Diamond Pokémon and pearl, has a bandage on the nose like Scorbunny. In addition to the bandage, Scorbunny also has a sporty atmosphere. He is long, thin and fast, a bit like a footballer.

He is also …… so cute.
Screenshot: Pokemon (Nintendo)

All these signs sent Pokémon fans in a speculation bout. They are desperate for a variety of Fire starter Pokémon. Your starters are usually with you throughout the match, and whatever the second type of evolutions they get can also help fill some gaps in your party. Although the fight / fight can be useful at the end of the game, it's the same. Pokémon Sun and Moon had some creative type combinations for the final evolutions of his starting Pokémon with Grass / Ghost, Fire / Dark and Water / Fairy. Getting another type of fight / fire is considered a boring back step.

More succinctly, a fan tweeted"If Scorbunny is fighting / fighting, I'm going to commit murder," and he's been retweeted more than four hundred times. The conversation also continues to arise on the Pokémon subreddit. In the wire announcing Sword and Shield, the top rated comment about Scorbunny, with over five thousand positive votes, reads: "Scorbunny looks like a headband on the nose. You know, like a martial artist … it sounds like the return of the favorite starter combination! "

All this is speculation and I would like to see Scorbunny turn into something other than fire / fighting. Serial, Pokémon has been slow to try new things, with the recent released Let's go the games are the first upheaval of the series for a long time. Only time will tell how Scorbunny will change. For the moment, I can say without fear that he is a cute rabbit and also my friend.

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