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Everything you need to know about Armored Mewtwo.

Pokmon Go has a new legendary to add to its ranks – Mewtwo armored.

You'll be able to face this new version of legendary first-generation legendary Mewtwo for a limited time this summer.

Like the legendary Pokémon that preceded it, including Groudon and Kyogre, Mewtwo armored will be found in five star raids, so you will need a team of coaches if you want to take it.

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Dates and time of release of Blored Mewtwo in Pokmon Go

Armored Mewtwo will be ready for battle in Pokemon Go from From Wednesday, July 10 to Wednesday, July 31.

Here are the release times for Armored Mewtwo:

  • 21h (Paris time)
  • 22h (Paris time)
  • 16:00 (EDT)
  • 13:00 (PDT)

Like previous legendary Pokerns, you can fight Mewtwo in armor on legendary raids.

These are five-star level raids and, as with all other raids, once you've defeated Armored Mewtwo, you have to catch it. So remember to stock up on Golden Razz bays and practice your excellent throws.

Mewtwo armored and weaknesses in Pokmon Go

At this moment, it seems that Armored Mewtwo will have the same stats as a Mewtwo, a non-heavy metal. Here is a list of Armored Mewtwo pieces to help you add it to your Pokdex:

  • Shielded Mewtwo type: Psychic
  • Mewtwo armored is weak against: Bug, Dark, Ghost
  • Shielded Mewtwo: Gengar, Giratina origin, Honchkrow, Houndoom, Lugia, Mewtwo, Tyranitar, Weavile
  • Other notes of Mewtwo armored: Prioritize darkness attacks, as well as powerful mediums.
  • Shielded Mewtwo dates: From Wednesday, July 10 to Wednesday, July 31

Some exciting novelties are appearing in the game: Armored Mewtwo, the tease of Shadow Pokmon and a continuous series of Pokemon Go Global Challenges.

In the meantime, we have a new award for Go Fest Global search tasks, as well as a Jump-Start search quest and a field search, that can help you solve some of the Generation 4 Pokemon's more difficult to find.

Elsewhere, you can read about the latest counters and legendary Pokemon weaknesses.

All we know about Mewtwo armored, including the possible statistics of Mewtwo armored

According to the published Niantic trailer, Armored Mewtwo will have 49 430CP.

Whether or not the current PC of Armored Mewtwo is still under discussion; As backstroker1991 explains in Reddit, the five-star Raid Bosses had 12,500 HP, giving them 49,430 CPs before the recent health buff, but recently they went up to 15,000 HP, or 54,148 in theory.

It is possible that Ninantic uses old films for the Blind Mewtwo trailer, thus increasing the launch of the CP – we will have to wait and see!

Beyond that, we know little about the Armored Mewtwo statistics to use in combat – we'll know more when the community gets their hands on it.

Armored Mewtwo appeared for the first time in Pokmon: The first film: Mewtwo Strikes Back.


Created by scientists funded by Team Rocket, Mewtwo is a clone of the legendary Pokmon Mew. Mewtwo kills scientists when they realize that they see them as a project and not as a sentient being.

In the wreck of the lab, Mewtwo is approached by Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, who offers to help Mewtwo to focus his powers. After agreement, Mewtwo is placed in a set of armor that will help regulate their powerful abilities.

For a while, Mewtwo does the dirty work of the Rocket team until they know that Giovanni considers Mewtwo as a living weapon. Angry, Mewtwo destroys the armor and returns to the island where they were created, taking revenge on humanity.

This version of Armored Mewtwo, however, comes from the remake of CGI – Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, which will be released in Japan on July 12, 2019 and in the United Kingdom and the United States on November 17, 2019.

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