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Pokemon Go Fest is like reliving the summer that he launched and proves that he still has his whole life

If you think of the summer of 2016, unless you live under a huge rock, you will remember the craze for Pokemon Go. It was as if anyone with a smartphone was on the move, throwing virtual balls on fictional monsters imposed on the real world through augmented reality. Older players were reintroduced into the franchise with an almost deadly dose of nostalgia, while the youngest could get to know the creatures that launched the entire series in the '90s. Cities, parks and suburbs were filled of people playing Pokemon Go, and the aptly named Pokemon Go Fest aims to channel the feelings of those early months with additional incentives.

I'm absolutely not a hardcore Pokemon Go player. I've been playing since launch, but I've taken a significant break from the moment Gen 3 started to be deployed by the end of 2017. Regarding the context, I only have level 35 in play. So for a player like me, who plays only at work and during the monthly events of the Pokemon Go Community Day, the idea of ​​participating in the Pokemon Go Fest did not really go through before this opportunity in Germany was presented to me. Some of my fondest memories of the game however appeared during this initial summer – including sprinting on the streets of Bath in search of a wild Dragonite -, so the concept of being surrounded by like-minded players was intriguing, especially in a foreign country.

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund 2019

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My day started strong enough. After following the crowds lining the iconic Westfalenpark Park in Dortmund towards our designated entrance, I arrived and I entered the huge space by a huge yellow tent designed to accommodate the players. d & # 39; Instinct. While I should have gone straight to the action, looking for brilliants or trading with hundreds of other players around me to complete my Pokedex, I have it straight away distracted by the waiting line of the merchandise counter coming back into the trees, as the players did. their eyes fixed on picking up Pokemon stuffed animals. Growlithe and Ditto were my choices, and at 16 € each, not as expensive as expected for the official market.

The crowds continued to invade the gates and the players began with the exclusive exclusive Go Fest search, which offers the mythical Pokemon Jirachi as a reward. The Westfalenpark – a vast space, one of the largest city center parks in Europe – has been divided into four regions, each generating different types of Pokémon; Steel Factory supplied the types of steel, Boat Lake was intended for types of water, Rocky Terrain had soil types and Mysterious Woods broadcast types of psychic type. To encourage players to visit every corner of the park, special searches were aimed at "Capturing Five Different Kinds of Ground-Type Pokémon", available only in Rocky Terrain, and "Take a Meditite Snapshot in the Mysterious Woods." That meant that there was plenty of land to cover, but easily manageable all day. My feet were completely exhausted at the end of the day though!

An event for everyone

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund 2019

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It was really wonderful to see so many players come together to play Pokemon Go, but the most incredible part of this event was the number of people from all walks of life and with a phone in hand. While there were many German players – as one could expect from an event in Dortmund – I met players from all walks of life and from all over the world. Many American players had made the trip, many country players like Japan and Korea were trying to unload their Farfetch & # 39; s regional ds, and it was not uncommon to cross players from further afield, as the # 39; Australia. I saw a lot of players with several phones at the same time, young children under five boasting their 100% intravenous shots and catches, aged players, wheelchair users – honestly, it felt like the only thing that was actively preventing anyone from enjoying Pokemon Go Fest was the sun, how I was not far from the event with a horrible sunburn that I will not know never.

Fortunately, there was a handful of opportunities to take a break from the heat thanks to the infrequent network problems that forced me to tidy up my phone. The Pokemon Go Fest had a well-known debut in 2017 – only in Chicago – because of the serious network problems the players had to face, so that participants could barely catch a single Pokémon before their games crashed. Two years later, the Niantic developer has largely solved the problems that arise when many players are active in the same place. The most important problem I encountered that day was that the network connectivity of my phone has stopped working for almost an hour, although it may be about the same thing. Forgot about a German SIM card before the event and trust my network in the UK. to make me go.

Nevertheless, this network failure was the ideal excuse to meet other trainers in the wild. A woman I talked to for a while, Emma from Wales, had been there with a group of players, all with their own branded Pokemon Go t-shirts. She told me that she had several phones on the move but that she was resting because of network problems. And even though all her accounts were at level 40 (the maximum level in Pokemon Go), she considered herself one of the slackers in her group. Although I knew that dedicated players like Emma were involved, I was not quite aware of the dedication needed to achieve such a goal. Having these elite level players alongside level 20 or more people who were still missing countless Pokemon from their Pokedex proves that Pokemon Go Fest is really for everyone and that the community is incredibly hospitable. Emma went on to tell me that she had found 15 brilliants up to now – an incredible total compared to my four skinny, including two Magnemites.

Regional hunting

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund 2019 - Outpost Trading

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One of my main goals of Pokemon Go Fest was to acquire some of the missing Pokemon Go regional elements – Pokemon that can only be captured in specific real-world locations. To achieve this, I had to find players to exchange with, so I headed to the trading post in the middle of the park, near the Valor tent (shout to my comrades Valor). The usual restrictions behind Pokemon trading were spoiled here, so the costs associated with star dust were halved. Two mediocre staff members of the event were sitting on a bench with about three markers, a box full of placards to distribute, and an army of people around them trying to have a pen written on their sign. On one side it was written "ready to trade", while on the other hand, there was a simple "search". It was the place to be if you were looking for a specific pocket monster.

The main Pokémon players pursued were Relicanth, Chatot, Pachirisu, Uxie and Azelf. These are all locals found far, far away from Dortmund and from Europe in general, which means that my horde of Mr. Mimes and Volbeats was essentially useless. The only Pokémon I could really offer were my rare brilliants; I got rid of the brilliant Azurill for Heracross and the brilliant Wynaut for Tropius, two regional that I could not catch any time soon. Maybe I will go to the Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama next year, where I will have a handful of rare European Pokémon to exchange with people …

As fun as I 've had, the event' s performance has not been flawless. After practicing some trades, trading shinies and legends, I found myself at about 200,000 stardust while I was leaving at over two million. Despite the fact that the amount was significantly reduced, it was still too difficult to carry out special operations, which required $ 500,000. To the young boy who does not speak a word of English but who really wants my brilliant bog in exchange for a Torkoal, I am really sorry; I wanted so much to trade! The same goes for the charming German couple from Düsseldorf who wanted to swap me a brilliant Spoink against one of my brilliant Magnemites – I hope you were lucky and found one after we separated! Remove all trade restrictions on behalf of players who have spent ridiculous money flying abroad and attend this annual event, Niantic. The event as a whole has an incredible sense of community that passionate players have brought to a single park in the suburbs of Dortmund. It is therefore absurd to be blocked by trade restrictions that by nature prevent you from engaging with other players and making friends.

Where are the raids?

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund 2019

(Image credit: Niantic)

Seeing all the illuminated Westfalenpark of Pokestops attracted everywhere you walked was glorious in the game, but it lacked a common aspect of Pokemon Go: the gyms. There was not a single gym inside the park, which meant of course that there were also no raids, despite the thousands of players present for the same cause. This was clearly communicated by Niantic before the Go Fests, but I did not know how they would be missed before my arrival. If level 5 raids were taking place in the park's gyms, with perhaps random legends in the existing pool, so that all players missing one or two could finally get one (I needed to). an Articuno to complete Gen 1!), the entire event would have felt much more fulfilling.

The Pokemon Go Fest is really an amazing place because even when the event was not taking place inside the park, the whole city of Dortmund was a hub for Pokemon Go players. The next day, As I was traveling around the city to waste time before my return train, the streets were completely flooded with players. There was nothing special going on; the gyms had the usual raids and although the brilliant rate was increased throughout the city and not just in the park, I only managed to find three shiny slakoths, which were more common because of the l '. special event in compensation for the failures of the community of June day. That said, gyms were numerous with players competing for control or waiting for raids – I took part in several raids at different levels, all reaching the limit of 20 players, then some, because there was clearly more than 20 players standing around the square. , tapping their phones furiously.

Some people have claimed that Pokemon Go was a "dead game" because there were not as many people playing it openly as during the first summer. Pokemon Go Fest is proof that this is not the case. the world community is as strong as ever and it was wonderful to be part of this community, despite some problems. This is Pokemon Go at its best, but I would just like to have someone to attend with because doing it solo is not as fun as it would have been with a friend. If you have stopped playing Pokemon Go in recent years, try it again, recruit friends by your side and search for a local group of Pokemon Go players. I promise you that they are there, whatever share. Few games have managed to create such a brilliant community in such a short time – especially one that integrates so perfectly with the real world – and the Pokemon Go Fest was an almost perfect reflection.

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