Pokémon Go: How to catch Smeargle


Smeargle, the long gone Pokémon Pokemon Go Pokedex of the players, is now available to catch in the mobile game. To get Smeargle, you must use the game's new Go Snapshot feature, the augmented reality camera deployed on Pokemon Go in February.

Getting your hands on the Johto-region Pokémon is easy, but requires a bit of luck. All you have to do is take photos of Smeargle using the Go Snapshot feature. On occasion, Smeargle will appear in a photo you took, photographing it by appearing in the corner of the image. (Do not worry, though, if you lined up a particularly good shot, Pokemon Go will save a Smeargle-free version of the photobomb image in your library.)

This is what a Smeargle photobomb looks like, and the subsequent appearance of Pokémon in the game world:

If Smeargle appears in any of your AR photos, once you exit the Go Snapshot camera mode, Smeargle will appear in nearby nature just like other Pokémon. Start a Pokéball and Smeargle will be yours.

The frequency with which Smeargle will appear in snapshots taken with Snapshot is not yet defined. I took a dozen photos before Smeargle appeared in my game, then I took another 20 and I was not lucky.

Smeargle joins a handful of other much anticipated Pokémon that Niantic recently added to Pokemon Go: Clamperl, and his evolutions Gorebyss and Huntail.

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