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Pokemon Go: Last chance to get Cresselia

In May, Niantic, developer of Pokemon Go, announced that he would bring back three legendary Pokemon to the game, starting with Cresselia. If you have not captured one yet, your time is running out. The Lunar Pokemon must leave the raid battles this Tuesday, June 18th, making it your last chance to catch it – and eventually to find a brilliant Cresselia.

If you want to add Cresselia to your collection, you must first team up with other players in person and face the Legendary Pokémon during a Raid Battle. Cresselia is a pure psychic type. You will have to bring Ghost, Dark and Bug Pokemon like Giratina, Tyranitar and Scizor to fight it. If you manage to defeat Cresselia, all those who participated in the raid will receive a handful of Premier balls with the opportunity to catch him.

Immediately after Cresselia's departure, the legendary Generation 3 Kyogre will return to Pokemon Go. He will appear in raid battles until June 27; after that he will be replaced by his counterpart Pokemon Ruby, Groudon, which will be available until July 10th. As with Cresselia, you will also have a chance to meet the brilliant forms of Kyogre and Groudon as each Legendary returns to the Raids.

The annual Niantic Pokemon Go Fest event is now underway in Chicago. To celebrate the occasion, Water-type Pokémon Horsea will appear much more often than usual until the end of the Go Fest on June 16th. In addition, you will also have a chance to find Shiny Horsea. Those attending the event can, in turn, find Shiny Abra, as well as Alolan Vulpix, a special Eevee wearing a wreath, and the mythical Pokemon Jirachi. If you can not attend Go Fest in person, you can still participate in Global Challenges to help you unlock rewards and bonuses.

In other Pokemon news, we learned a lot more about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games during the E3 2019. Nintendo gave details of the new Dynamax game fighting mechanism, which allows to outclass a Pokemon during a battle. We also learned more about how Max Raid Battles works and why you can not transfer all old Pokemon to games. Launch of the sword and shield on November 15; To learn more about games, check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

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