"Pokémon Go" Rule Promises Action Against Harmful Pokéstops


As part of the settlement, Niantic will agree to handle all complaints from owners who claim Pokemon Go The players wandered into their yard looking for a virtual pocket monster. Residents will have the right to apply for a withdrawal anywhere within 40 meters of their property if necessary. Niantic will maintain a database of complaints and produce an integrated warning that will remind players to respect the property of people whenever a group of 10 or more players meets in the same area.

As part of the agreement, Niantic will pay for an independent audit to ensure that it complies with all requirements. The company will also pay damages of $ 1,000 to the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit. All other owners and tenants who have joined the class action will receive a 100 meter stamp between their property and any PokéStop or gymnasium. (The biggest winner, as is often the case in class actions, is the law firm that supports him.It will be able to claim up to $ 8 million in attorney fees for the treatment of the case.)

The Niantic settlement proposal will have to be approved by the judge before it can go ahead. If the case were to be approved, the case could be a first step in determining the responsibility of a company for the placement of virtual elements. This is also not the first trial that the game has produced. Niantic was the victim of a class action suit after its disastrous Pokémon Go event in Chicago and was the subject of a failed lawsuit in an attempt to force game developers to obtain prior permissions from place virtual objects in public parks.

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