Pokemon Starter and Evolutions – Pokémon Sword and Shield wiki guide

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, like its predecessors, offer players three Newbie Pokémon to choose. In SnS, they are:

Watch the intros of Starters from 1:00 am in the video above

Traditionally, Pokémon Starter is always Grass, Fire or Water. That way, no matter which starter you choose, it will be strong against one, but weak for the other.

Continue below for more details on each Sword and Shield Pokémon Starter, such as types, attacks and evolutions (when we learn them)!

Grookey is the "Pokemon Chimp" type "Grass". From what we can say from his introductory trailer, Grookey is an impeccable mountaineer. He seems to be banging on a rock with the stick that he keeps in the leaves at the top of his head, suggesting that he may be using it as a weapon. However, it also seemed to heal the grass around him, suggesting that he will teach HP to restore movement.

On the official Pokemon website: A playful Pokemon Chimp full of curiosity.

Scorbunny is a "Fire Rabbit Pokemon". In the trailer, Scorbunny is extremely fast, literally leaving the fire behind him. He stands proudly after his arrival. Based on his input, we assume it will be a fast Pokemon.

On the official website of Pokemon: A Rabbit Pokémon always in motion, overflowing with energy.

Sobble is the type of water "lizard Pokemon Water." This Pokemon appears invisible once in the water in the trailer, suggesting that he will learn the Acid Armor movement. It is a poison type movement in which "the user modifies his cell structure to liquefy and increase the defense". This is the movement that Vaporeon uses in the anime that makes it invisible in the water. However, since Sobble looks a lot like a chameleon, this coul to be an innate ability.

On the official Pokemon website: Pokémon A little shy, a water lizard, who launches attacks while he is hiding in the water.

This is all the information we have for the moment, but come back soon for more!

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