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Pokemon Sword and Shield Confirms UK-inspired Galar Region – Game Rant

Pokemon Sword and shield have been officially announced, the first Pokémon the main upcoming franchise entries for the Nintendo switch. And with the new platform, a new region to explore for players. Presentation of the Galar region, Pokemon Sword and Shield"UK-inspired country of rolling hills and industrial cityscapes.

The new map for Pokemon Sword and Shield was fully unveiled in today's Nintendo Direct, with the card itself being shared by Nintendo. It seems to act from an island or peninsula, perfectly arranged for a more traditional RPG. It's also a suitable form for games named Sword and Shield. Players start at the bottom of the map, made up of small towns and fields. They are moving further and further north, with cities growing and areas becoming more and more mysterious.

Compared to the Alola Islands of Pokemon Sun and MoonGalar will offer players a very open area to explore as they please. The open campaign should be a welcome return for the first generations of Pokémon filled with forests and fields.

map of the region of galar

Although Nintendo has not officially described the Galar region as based on the UK, the references that can be drawn from Pokemon Sword and ShieldThe map makes it an easy assumption. The northernmost city is a parallel of London, with its own Big Ben clock towers and its Ferris wheel Eye of London. The red and white coloration of the lighthouse along the eastern coast is a common phenomenon in England. The southern city presents what could be the clock of Manchester City Hall. There is a region of the lakes, a rotation of the white horse Uffington, and even a few erect stones similar to Stonehenge and other such monuments.

Some have said that Galar is better described as a European region than as a region of the United Kingdom, but that does not quite fit. More specifically, the region is full of direct references to the UK, but does not necessarily include direct references to other European sites. And if the shape of the continent really does not look like that of Britain, a change from previous years. Pokémon games that have historically kept the shape of the areas from which they came, it may be only an indication of the change in approach to Game Freak. This would not be the only change made to Pokemon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will come out late 2019 exclusively on the Nintendo switch.

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